Chapters and hundreds of Unitary Answers


Detailed Contents


I Constitution, Rhythm, Control of Transfers

1. Reasons Preventing Contact between The Internal Numeration and the Being of Synthesis

2. Organisation of Existence According to the Transfer

3. Disappearance of Dispersive Elements. Equilibrium of the Being and Speed of Transfer

5. Rhythm of Transfer and Circles of the Unity

6. Transmutation of Luminous Interiority and Control of Synthesis

II Council 6. - The Living and the Dead

1. The Living and the Dead

2. Organ of Sumerian Transfer and Welding of Synthesis

III Control of interiority

1. Need for Control and Unitary Energetic Value

2. Control of interiority

3. Sumerian Confederation, Disconnection and Reunification

4. Internal Unitary Reinsertion

IV Internal Unitary Reinsertion

1. Power of Reinsertion

2. Primitive Forces and Exterior Fluctuations

3. Continuity of Consciousness-Energy and Discontinuity of Form

4. Immortal Continuity and Substantial Re-structuring

5. Vibral Impregnation and Aura of Light


I The Origin of Telepathic Transmissions

1. From Consciousness to Power: Different Types of Messages

2. Selecting Energies that Concern the Signal of Internal Unitary Numeration

II Conditions for the Inner Communication, and Sumerian Synthesis

2. Conditions for an Intervention of the Internal Unitary Numeration

3. The Sumerian Essence

III Internal Unitary numeration, External Numeration, and Imperious Systems

1. Information from Figures of Power - System of exteriority B4

2. Code of Synchronized Numeration, and Imperious Numeration

3. Love, a Programme of Emergence towards Rapture

4. Keeping Contact with the System of Power , and Demarcating it

5. Human Beings: Vectors of Transfer

6. Correlation between Human and Infra-human Planes; a Signature of Totality

7. Demarcation of, and Mastery over, the Exteriority and the Inferiority

IV Interdimensional Transfers, and the Signature of Unification

1. Normalisation of the Operations of Transfer

2. The Control of Energy Uprisings-04. and 06.

3. Energetic Nucleus, and Vessel of Imperious Emergence

4. Alliance of Interiorisation

5. A System of Sumerian Synchronization

6. Unitary Correlation and Gordages of Numeration

7. Internel Unity, and the Contracts of Exteriority

8. Internal Repatriation, and the Temptations of Exteriority

9. Toughness, an Obstacle to Exteriorization - Imperious B4.

10. Rememberance

11. Descent to Hell, and the Contracts of Interiorization

12. The Contract of Imperious Figure

13. The Councils of Exterior Luminosity - the Inferior Formal

14. Junction of the Signal of Imperious Mutant; Enlightenment

15. Configuration of a Being in Complete Inner Transfer

16. Luminous Body

17. The 07. , and the Contracts of Synchronized Numeration


I Consciousness, the Internal Energy, the Light and the Plane of Forms

1. Luminosity and Continuity between Interior and Inferior or Exterior Levels

2. The Awakening of Internal Unitary Figures

3. The Salvation of Souls

4. Areas of Energetic Compression, and Pockets of Energy of Light

5. Exterior Circle and Divided Power

6. Signature of Sumerian Synthesis

7. Eternel Consciousness and Internel Numeration

8. Synthetic Numeral Correlation, and Formalization

9. Reconnecting of the Mighty-ones of Form

10. Integrable Transfer of Light

II Incarnation: Programming, Contract of Interiorization

1. The Body of Numeration, and Sumerian Contact

2. Control, and Circle of Internal Unity

3. Figures of Reinsertion, and Antenna of Numeration

4. The Elect: Body of Numeration Anticipated in Direct Line

5. Contracts of Interiorisation

6. Communications of Internal Unitary Numeration

7. Messages of Synthesis: Reception and Operativity


I Unification and return

1. The Circles of Numeration and the Organ of Transfer

2. Exteriorisation of Insufficiently Coded Beings

3. Consecration, and the Contract of Internal Numeration

4. Synchronized Growessence, and Body of the Unity

5. Contracts of Transmitter - Numbered Planets

6. Partial Creatures, and the Force of Inferior Transmitter

7. Matter and Unitary Reinsertion

8. Matter of Interior Transmitter, and External Control

9. Partion
and Ber System

10. Contract of Interiorization - Last Judgement

11. Integration into the Internel Unitary Systhesis

II Contracts of Sumerian Numeration

1. Networks, and Motors of Interiority

2. Drugs, and Energetic Destruction

3. Miracles, and the Bodies of Sumerian Essence

4. Goldfather
: Reintegration into the Field of the Father

5. Energy Rationing: Reduction of the Signatures of Form

6. Brothers and Sisters of Light

7. Consecration, Bodyguards, Spells of Inferior Transmitter

9. Transfers of Numeration - Paroxysm

10. Dispuration, Change of Numeration, Sumerian Science

11. Man-woman Complementarity - Sumerian Synchronisation


I Transfer of Power

1. Lights of Sumerian Emergence- Contracts of Newrising

2. Codifications of the Fathers-of-U - Inner Numeration

3. The Inner formal Being and the Contract of Imperious Figure

4. Networks of Imperious Figure

5. Synthetic Sumerian Contract: the Prophet

6. Codes of Numeration - Light-18.

II Operations of Transfer- Synthetic Code

1. Choosing One's Level of Transfer

2. Numeration Time

3. Timelessness, Time, Space, and the Circle-2.

4. Synchronized Transmitters- Continuity of Sumerian Cordification

5. Body of Synthesis- Infinity

6. Sumerian Reinsertion of the Physical Vehicle

7. Mecanian
Vessel- Motor of Exterior Transfer

8. Operational Regroupings- Body of Synchronized Numeration

9. Encounters between Beings- Co-ordination of Numeration

10. The Body of Life, and Circle of Future Unity

11. Energetic Co-ordinated Group: Quality of the Numeration of Synchronization

12. The Signature of Exterior Emergence


I Codification of Internal-External Numeration

1. Synthetic Unitary Numeration, and Numeration of Synchronisation

2. Codifier of Interiority- System of Exteriority

3. The Oath: a Codification of Internal Unitary Numeration

4. Morganas and Synchronized Systems

5. The Narrow Door: Internal Unitary System

6. Quantitative Mass Systems- Surveyors

7. Exteriorisation, Inferiorisation, and Unitary Reinsertion

8. Difficulty of the Exteriorisation Tracing- Risk of No Return

II Reinsertion into a Zone of Internal Unitary Transfer

1. Order and Limit

2. Sumerian Reinsertion; Coding of Direct Synchronized Numeration

3. Signed Numeral Seten, a Condition for Permanent Telepathic Communication

4. Simerian
, Sumerian, Semerian and the Codification f Interiority

5. Synthetic Contract; The Internel, Eternel, Externel and Seternel Codification


I Interiorisation Programme, and Enframing of Numeration

1. Codes of Sumerian Numeration

2. Signatory of Transfer- System of Transmitter-5.

3. System of Exterior and Inferior of Transmitter

4. A Tracing in Seternel, Externel, Eternel and Internel zones

5. Danger of De-framing - Material Hooking Process - "Grow and multiply"

6. An Example of Operativity of Exteriority

II De-framing Operation - Rebuilding an Exterior Control

1. Formalised Diverter - Control of Exterior Numeration

2. Revisions of Light - Material Support System

III Creation of a Platform of Internel Unitary Numeration

1. Exteriorisation, and Downfall into an Inferior Zone

2. The Gathering of Numerations Attuned to a Signature of Internal Numeral Transfer

3. Mecanian
and Metallian Robotic Controls, and Continuity of Synthesis


I System of Sumerian Transmitter, and Contact of Synthesis

1. The Cord of Synthesis of the Sumerian Order

2. Communications between Other Dimensions and the Earth

3. Opening-up to a Complete Signature of Sumerian Synthesis

4. Figure of Externel Signature

5. Severer of Mutant

6. Organ of Interior and Exterior Transfer

7. Motors 56. -57. -58. - A Reunification of Synthetic Numeration

8. Bodies of Transfer - Energetic Mecaniser-83.

9. Weaving of Synthetic Numeration - Direct Transfer

II A Process of Numeration on an Antenna of Synthesis

1. Integration of the Organ of Transfer into a Circuit of Council; The Building of Resonators

2. Metallisation of a System of Exterior Numeration

3. Principles of Sumerian Numeration

4. A Communication Signed with Sublimated Energetic Systems

5. Formal Body and Subtle Body

III Junction of the Signature of Numeration at a Being's Arrival on this Plane

1. Re-welding on an Antenna of Sumerian Synthesis

2. Synchronization of Light- Enlightenment

3. Sumerian Ascent

4. Miltar

5. Normalisation of Final Power

6. Roses of Light: Celestial Mothers

7. Synthesis of the Signature of Metallisation; Organ of Normalisation

8. Contract of Synthetic Emergence


I Contract of Synthetic Numeration

1. Sumerian Contract of Emergence

2. Reliability of the Synthetic Numeration

3. Co-ordinator of Emergence- Signature of Synthesis

4. Last Judgement

II Contracts of Energy, Contracts of Emergence

1. Organ of Inner Transfer - Contract of Energy

2. Conditions of Access to a Signature of the Unity

3. Sumerian and Submerian Contracts of Emergence

4. Male and Female Human Bodies

5. Organ of Exterior Numeration

6. Signed Contract of Emergence - Metallian Systems

7. Metallian
System, Circle of Mutants and Prothesis of Power

8. Stabilising the Motors of Effervescent Inversion

III Connection between Unitary Synthesis and Phenomenological Power

1. Councils of the Order; Transmuting Force and Descending Force

2. Hostages of Inferior Mecanisation

3. Drift of a System Due to tje Hooking of Power

4. Codification of the Internal Unity; Conditions for the Return of Diverted Beings

5. Contact with Synthetic Beings; Incarnation of a New Sumerian System


I Transfers of Emergence, and Distortions of power

1. Codings of Transmitter: Practical Mind and Higher Mind

2. Controlling the Systems of Emergence

3. Codes of Emergence- Dispersive Circles of Numeration

II Altruism and the Signature of Prophetic Synthesis

1. The Line of Synthetic Numeration

2. The Causes of Distortion of a System of Emergence

3. Communication of Interiority

4. Signature of Prophetic Synthesis- Altruism and Charity

5. Choosing One's Level of Altruism

6. Altruistic and Individualistic Systems

7. Loss of Emergence; Lowering of the Subtle System

III Exterior or Superior Beauty, Goodness, Truth

1. Exterior Reflections of a Superior Dimension of Beauty, Goodness and Truth

2. Exterior Egoistic or Interior Altruistic Beauty

3. Fascination for, or Mastery of the Line of Brilliance

4. The Power of Re-compressing Synthetic Energy - Danger of Exterior Hooking

5. Canalising a Beam of Brilliance

6. Mastery over Areas of Condensation and Formalisation

IV Stocks of Imperious Energy, and Re-balancing Process

1. Energy Stocks on the Planes of Imperious Figure

3. Re-balancing the Systems of Emergence in a Zone of Unitary Synthesis


I Contract of Synthetic Numeration

1. Direct Inner Perception, or Exterior Influences

2. Numeral Correlation, and the System of Synthesis

3. Welding of Emergence, and Circle of Numeration

4. Levels of Mecanian and Metallian of Numeration

II Systems 56. -57. -58.

1. Systems-5. , 6. and 56.

2. Systems-8. and 58. , Zone-7. , and System-57.

3. Numeral Transferisation-56. , 57. , 58.

4. Numeral Correlation 56. -57. -58.

5. Tension of the Network of Unitary Numeration

6. Frames of Numeration and Zone-57.

7. System-58: Emergence out of Infinity

8. Energetic
Internal Rhythms

9. Relaying-links of Transmitting Transfer

10. A Signature of Energetic Environment-56. -57. -58.

11. System of Internel Numeral Reinsertion, and Externel Intermediary Zone

III Transubstantiation and the Prophetic Vision

1. Relations between Yin and Yang Systems

2. The Conquest of Immortality; Systems of Transfer of a Numeral-1. Type

3. Space-time Material Synthesis

4. Diffraction of the Principle into the Laws and the Facts

5. Dilution in Time, Spreading-out in Space, and Absorption into Matter

6. Conscious Management of the Vision of Timeless Unitary Synthetic Numeration

7. Organising One's Formal Existence According to One's Vision of the Principle

8. The Body of Imperious Normalisation, and the Body of Inner Transmitter


I Exteriorisation, and the Hookings of Power

1. Exteriorisation, Disconnection, and Co-ordination of Synthetic Numeration

2. Disconnection, and the Slowing-down of Contracts of Emergence

II Confrontations of Powers, and Transmutation Process

1. Gates of Power; Confrontations and Wars

2. Pacifying the Confrontations by means of Extreme-supreme Communication

3. Communication of Synthesis Towards the Ultimate Father

4. The Organ of Life of a Unified Field

III The Integration of Hard-Pressing Exterior Systems in an Antenna of Numeration

1. The Arrival of Exterior Signatures; Protection of the System of Sumerian Emergence

2. Reversed Contracts of Interiority; Signature of Synthesis on Several Dimensions

3. Normalisation of a System of Emergence; the Setting-up of controls

4. Energy Thrusts, Compression, and Stowing Process

5. Controlling the Integration into an Antenna of Internal Numeration

6. Normalisation of the Systems of Exteriority; Management of the Networks of Emergence

7. Messengers of the Future Figure; The Co-ordination of Lorses

8. Southern-Cross: Analysis of a System Under Operation

9. The Complexity of Operations in the Universe


I Contract of immortality

1. Interdimensional Vision of the Immortal Being

2. System of Transmitter of the Southern-King

3. The Importance of Co-ordination and Agreement between Beings

4. The Danger of Exterior Drift

II Creation of the Vehicle of Immortality

1. Resonance with a Controller of the Unity

2. Roses of Emergence and Subtle Moons

3. Normalisation and Formalisation

4. Thansmutation of the Energies of Power; Paroxysms

5. Connecting the Normaliser to the Numerator of Interiority

6. Existence in a Subliming Context; the Body of Mutant

7. Co-ordinated Numerators; North-South System

8. A Numbered System of Interiority

9. Allotted Time for Fulfilment of the Programme of Numeration

10. Contract of Interiority

11. Preparing One's Immortality

III Systems of Control

1. Controlling Figure

2. A Four-floored Operation of Elevation

3. Transformation of the System of Exteriority; Robotic Correlation

4. Signature of Braking from Below; the Internal Unity's Control

5. The Incarnation of a System of Numeration of Synthesis


I The Process of Junction with the Signal of Sumerian Essence

1. The Removal or Transformation of Non-integrable Signatures

2. Problems of Investiture; A Control from Superior Dimensions

3. Active Prayer

4. The Advantage of a Group as a System of Synthetic Unification

II A Programme of Emergence

1. Circles of Power

2. Jeremi

3. The Distribution of Power Fields

4. Violent Transformation of the Contract of Emergence

5. Energy Block, and Active Participation in the Transfer

6. The Interdimensional Causes of Physical Deformities

7. The Transformation of Several Beings in Resonance

8. The Disconnection of the System of Form

9. Worlds of matter, Space, Time, and timelessness; The Rhythms of Evolution

III Full Resonance; the Unitary Mutant

1. Mastering One's Exteriorisations; The Masters of Inner Numeration

2. Mutant of Inferior or Exterior Building; The Transfer of Imperious Figure

3. Figures; The Signing of a Contract

4. A Conjunction between Superior and Inferior Mutants

5. A Resonator of the Unitary Mutant

6. Time Mutant, Space Mutant


I The Incarnation of a Unitary System

1. A Programme of Sumerian Synchronisation

2. Initiatory External Mecanian Correlation

3. Energetic
Ampere; the Enmer

4. The Consecration of a System of Sumerian Transfer

5. Predominance of the System of Synthesis over the Body of Form

6. Signals of Emergence

7. Synthetic, internal and External Numerations

8. Inquiry; A Minuted System

II The Dispersion and Re-integration of Exteriorised Circuits

1. Exteriorisation, and the Control of Interiority

2. Sumerian Co-ordinations

3. Figures of Dispersion; Exteriorisations, Tensions and Losses of Metallisation

4. Difficult Control in Dispersing Zone

5. Thrust of Power, and Exterior Diversion

6. Unification of the Figures of Numeration Suter-18.

7. Codificator-925. and System-625. ; A Narrow door, from Eternel into Internel Systems; Sorkan-35

III Exterior Fields of Brilliance, and Crystal of Internal Numeration

1. Mutant of Interiority; Diversion of Part of the Powers

2. Pyramidal Mastery over a Signal of Emergence

3. Internal Crystal; Field of Brilliance

4. Crystallisation: Unification Until in the Matter

5. Internel
, Eternel and Seternel Zones in a Crystal of Numeration

6. Creation of the Second Crystal


I Space-time-timelessness Synchronised Numeral Correlation

1. The Repairing of Disjunctions in a Body of Numeration

2. Collecting a Space-time Portion; Transfers of Synthetic Numeration

3. Creation of a Synthetic Configuration; Contract X13.
4. Sumerian Elergy

II Process of Emergence, and Sumerian Synthetic Numeration

1. Direct Sumerian Codification

2. Co-ordination of Sumerian Synchronisation, and Sumerian Resonances

3. Mortalisation, Smorticus, and Mortal-18. ; A Cyclology of Emergence

4. Synthetic configuration; Direct Transfer

5. A Programme of Synchronised Numeration of a Synthetic Normalised Type


I The Control of Systems of Interiority over Circuits of Emergence

1. Limiting the Contracts of Emergence; Code of Interiority

2. Councils of the Order of Force; Terminal of light

3. Bodies of mutants; the Past and the Future

4. Code of Synthetic Emergence; Extreme Contracts

5. Load of Emergence, Compression and Headache

6. Layers of Control; Figures of Repulsion

II Numeration of Remanence

1. Junction of Synthetic Numeration; Organ of Interiority

2. Diversion of the Co-ordinator of Interiority

III Networks of Emergence

1. Thrust of Emergence, and the Distribution of Energy

2. Codification of Sumerian Synthesis; Chains of Numeration

3. A System of Synthetic Emergence in Gradual Sumerian Transfer; System-6.

4. Energy Gaps; Intergalactic Co-ordinator

5. Emergence of the System of Internal Numeration; Numeral Encounter

6. Metralisation
: Mastery over Exterior Circuits

7. Imperious Re-centralisation; Extension of the System-6.

8. Systems C6. and B6. ; A Chain of Beings in Individual Timeless Correlation


I Sumerian Correlation

1. The Return of the Eternel System Inwards

2. Man and Woman: A Symbolism of Paradise

3. Man, an integrator of energy; Numeration of Controlled Emergence

4. Selectivity of the Numerator of Imperious Figure

5. Acceleration of the Feminine Signature

II Operation of Numeration of Interiority

1. Fluidifying the Systems of Emergence

2. Selection of the Systems likely to Be Integrated, and Explosion of the Systems of Condensation

3. Numeration of interiority; Integration of the System of Exteriority

4. Configuration of a System of Internal Numeration; Codification

5. Strengthening the Contracts of Emergence by means of Metallian Systems


I Process of Numeral Transfer

1. Direct Communication with Systems of Synthetic Numeration

2. Transfers of Synthetic Numeration; the North-South Codifier

3. Building the Organ of Synchronised Emergence

4. Procedure of Circled Gradual Emergence

5. System of Synthetic Emergence

6. A Gradual Synthetic Resonator on the Imperious Antenna

7. Contracts of Emergence; Circle-12.

8. Agreement of Numeral Transfer; Correlation of Synthesis

II A Transfer in a Zone of Emergence

1. Beings of Transfer-8. or 4. ; Numeration of Interiority, of Inferiority, or of Exteriority

2. Co-ordinators of Imperious Figure and Decanters of Metallisation

3. Gordages
of Emergence and of Imperious Mutant

4. Numeral De-framing, Zones of Pressures, and Diseases

5. Transmuting the Substantial Body into an Absolute Sumerian Transferor

6. Robotic System, a Support for Transmitting Transmutation

III Configuration of Unitary Transfer

1. Robotic circuit, and Co-ordination of Imperious Figure

2. Substilisation
, and Robotic Co-ordination

3. Configuration of Unitary Transfer

4. Vortex of Emergence, Biospheral Field, and Planes of Formalisation

5. Complete Control of Interiority

6. Consecrators; External Contract

7. Normaliser of Interiority, and Synthetic Co-ordinator

8. Controller of Internal Energy; Consecrator of Numeration; Circle-12.
9. Circuit-5. ; Resonance, and Transfer of Synthetic Emergence

10. Bending Exterior Circuits Inwards; a Transitional Configuration

11. Consecration of the Network of Imperious Figure; Welder of Mutants

12. Co-ordination of Synthesis; Forceps of Numeration

13. Numerations of Interiority and of Exteriority; Organ of Interiority

IV Substilisation

1. A Demarcated Co-ordination of Imperious Figure

2. Gordages
of Emergence; Fignatures

3. Building the Circuit of Substilisation

4. Correlation of Synthetic Numeration; Contract of Synchronised Synthesis

5. A Signature of a Sumerian Type in Three Parts

V Demarcation, and the Process of Emergence

1. An Individual Emergence Process, or an Emergence linked to Other Beings

2. Distinguishing Integrable and Non-integrable Figures; Managing the Systems of Power

3. Uplifting the Signatures, and Eliminating the Systems of Inferiorisation

4. Configuration of emergence; Directions of Numeration

5. A Synchronously Connected Synthetic Communication

6. Consecrator of Metallisation with Gradual Contracts

7. Sorting out the Figures, and Dividing Non-integrable Signatures

8. The Need for Equalising Hierarchical Systems


I Difficulties of Emergence on a Disconnected Planet

1. Intervention of the Numerator of Interiority; Luter-4. ; De-framed Emersions

2. Junction of the Systems of Force on a Disconnected Planet

3. A Unified Organ of Numeration; Integrate, Do Not Desintegrat

II The Conditions for Contact with Sumerian Fellowships

1. Superior Intervention over the Incarnation; Bilocation

2. Journeying out of the Biological Body - Exteriorisation or Inferiorisation of Energy Bodies

3. Intervention of a Transferor of Interiority

4. Motors of Energy

5. Normalisation of a System of Emergence; Circle of Life

Chapter 21: BODY OF MUTANT

I The Figure of Ultimate Consecration

1. Consecrator of Emergence; Lormalisation

2. Control of Interiority and Lormalised Body

3. Control over Inferior Figures; A Minuted System

II Transformations Around a Signal of Emergence

1. Unfastenings of Emergence

2. Body of Mutant of Interiority, and Bodyguard

3. Unitary Reintegration and Synthetic Normalisation

4. Diversion to Exterior Zones; Strengthening the Inner Normaliser

5. Fathers-of-U
and Mertil-3.

III Physical Body and Energy Body

1. Physical Body and Sumerian Matrix

2. The Earth's Soul, the Organ of Life, and Planetary Mutation

3. The Inner matter; Rose of Imperious Mutant; Gates of Emergence

4. Creation of the Body of Energy

5. System of Mutants; Journeying Out of the Biological Body

IV Unity of Transfer and System of Mutants

1. Integrating Two Mutants into a Body of Synthesis

2. Transferor of Integral Numeration

3. Emergences on a Figure of Bipolarity of Mutants

4. The Emergence of a System of Numeration; Continuity of Numeral Correlation

5. A Sworn-in Sumerian Integrator of Synthetic Numeration

V Subtle Brothers and Sisters

1. Rose of Energy, and Synchronised Numeration

2. Brother of the Synthetic Unity

3. Imperious Mutant and Synthetic Mutant

4. Enframing of Synthesis of Emergence; Inmergent System

5. Body of Subtlety; Training of Inner Emergence


I Transfers of Emergence and Circles of Numeration

1. Multiplication of a Signal of Internal Numeration; Normalisation of Power

2. Inner Correlation of the System of Centralisation of Numeration

3. Circles-55. , 56. , 57.

4. Transformation of the Field-57. in Relation to the C6.

5. Creation of the 04.

6. Creation of the Frame-18. Around the 04.

7. B6. , C6. , C4. , C18. , and the Appearance of Lights

8. The Subtilisation of Material Fields; Umitary Emergence

9. Polarisation between a Sumerian Patrix-like Unitary Circuit and a Matrix-like Umitary Circuit of Formalisation

II Agreement with Non-human Realms

1. Transformation of Light, and Roses of Numeration

2. An Organ of Interiority Unified to Universal Resonance

3. Movements of Animal Figures - Beached Whales

5. Jonas and the Whale; Speaking with Animals, Vegetables and Minerals

6. Platification
of the System of Emergence; Matter of Imperious Figure

III The Plane of Death

1. Mortality and the Motors of Interiority; Transmutation in the Moment of Death

2. Sacrifices of Life; the Trap of Death

3. Vegetarianism to Move out of Slaughter Zones

4. Transfer of Numeration : Pain, Pleasure, Loving, Consciousness

5. Control by Metralian, Metallian and Mecanian Circuits


I Terminal of Numeration and Antenna of Interiority

1. Vessels of Synthetic Numeration

2. Synchroniser of Emergence, and Network from Same to Same - Emergent Bodies

3. The Incarnation of a System of Sumerian Essence; The Mission of Incarnation

4. Programme Numeral-1. , and the Code of Numeration

5. Repatriating the Mothers into the System of Emergence; Motor-18.

6. Exactness; Creation of the Terminal

7. Conforming Oneself to the Configuration of the Numerator of Interiority

8. Committing the Totality of One's Figure

II Conditions for Contact of Light

1. Vessels of Light and Space-time Portions

2. Conditions and Favourable Places for Transfer

3. Alleviation of the Motor of Imperious Figure

4. Organ of Normalisation in Gradual Transfer

5. Materialisation of Attuned Figures


I Dreams

1. Dreaming, a Resonance with Parallel Planes

2. Precognitive Dreams and Formal Existence

3. Circulation of Internal Energy, and the Release of Energy Blocks

II Planets, Constellations, Galaxies and the Contract of Interiority

1. Numeral Correlation between Planets; Planet Tiria

2. Various Types of Planets

3. Constellations, Galaxies, Black Holes

4. Organ of Life, Body of Life, and Roses of Light

5. Formation Ber-85. ; Standing Stones (Menhirs) and Stone Tables (Dolmens)

6. Control over the Dispersion of Systems of Power; Ascensional Bodies

III Nuclear Explosions, Disasters, Diseases

1. Risk of Burst for a Planet in Atomic Figure

2. Motions of Transmitter; Earthquakes

3. Slowed-down Transmutations and Breaks of Continuity: Pain and Disease

4. The Emergence of Power through the Physical Body

5. Healing by Means of a Change in the Human Psyche; the Healers' Power

6. The System of Power of Bare-handed Healers

IV Transfer of Energy and Configuration of Synthesis

1. Junction of Power to an Attuned Field of Light

2. Elimination of Systems of Slaughter; Control over Non-integrable Powers

3. Intrication of Substantial, Mecanian or Metallian Systems

4. Miltar
Vessels and Nuterra-85. - Synthetic Transmitter

5. Hostages of numeration

6. The Exteriorisation of Hostages and the Programme of Synthesis

7. Apparitions of Light and Purity of Internal Energy

8. External Global Costs of Transmitter; Stopped Transfers

9. The Release of too Heavy Circuits; Codings of Synthetic Numeration


I Networks of Emergence

1. Emergent Matter and Mecanian Co-ordination

2. External Normalisation; Synthetic Numeration of Exteriority; Imperious Numeration

3. Balance between Contracts of Imperious Figure and Controller of Emergence

4. Full Emerging Coding; Numeralisation

5. External Network of Emergence; Signatory of Imperious Mutants and of Internal Numeration

6. Contract of Synthetic Emergence

II Signing a Contract over a Network of Emergence

1. External Numeration on Emergent Sectors

2. Control of Emergence by the Signatory of Internal Numeration

3. Forces of Multiplication of the System of Power

4. Junction of the Doors of Force to the System of Numeration of Synthesis

5. Consecrator of Imperious Emergence

III Consecration of Numeration and Organ of Transfer

1. The Correction of Figures Inside the System of Numeration of Synthesis

2. Organisation of the Mutant of Imperious Figure - Control of Interiority

3. Programming of Energy, and Code of Inification

4. Building a New System of Internal Numeration

5. Beings of Ether and Beings of Form

6. Contract of Emergence of a Planet; Body of Emergence; Sumerian Forces

7. Coffer-Systems of Emergence; Organs of Emergence; Subtle Transmutations

IV Interdimensional Transfers

1. Adaptation of the Controls of Interiority, and Acceleration of the Organ of Interiority

2. Manoeuvres of Synchronised Numeration; the Organ of Interiority

3. The Repatriation of External Figures through Vortices of Emergence; Unitary Junction


I Forces of Death, Recasting System

1. The Cord of Inner Numeration Polarised between the Internal Unity and the Formal Circuit

2. Systems of Mutants and Forces of Death

3. Demarcation out of Inferior Zones, or Drift into the Zones of Death

4. Recasting: Purification through Compression

5. Planetary Weight, Magma and Volcanoes; the Prodigal Child's Journey

II Reinsertion, and Plane of Unification

1. Loads of Numeration According to the Place of Life

2. Imbalance of Power; Systems of Inversion

3. The Sleepers, the Mortals and the Dead; Working while It Is Day

4. The Chaff and the Wheat; Victorious Mortal

5. Protecting One's System of Emergence from the Signatures of Death

6. Imperious Cobification; Elerging


I Contract of Transfer of Emergence in a Zone of Light

1. Control of Interiority; System of Imperversion; Controller of Insertion

2. Circuits of Exterior Dardanels; Agreement with Metallian Circuits

3. Contract of Interiority; Motors of Emergence and Motors of Life

4. Contract of Transfer; Councils of Light

5. The Reinsertion of Inferior Bodies into a Sumerian Zone; Emergent Codes

6. Exteriorisation of Non-integrable Circuits of Emergence; Pits of Light

7. Co-ordination of Transfers

8. Internal Subtilisation; Exteriorisation into a Field of Power; Cotages of Energy

II Sumerian Communication and the Appearance of Lights

1. The Repatriation of Systems of Extreme Emergence; Figures of Numeration likely to be integrated

2. Spiral of Numeration; Motor of the Fathers-of-U - Codes of Numeration

3. Emergent Organ Attuned to the Five Senses; From an Exteroceptive Zone to an Interoceptive Zone

4. Communication towards Ultimity

5. Levels of Normalisation: Internal Unity, Intermediary Zone, or Figure of Power

6. Transferring the Circuits of Force by Exterior Means

7. Apparitions of Lights

8. Transfer of Energy from an External Zone to an Internal Zone

9. Contract of Insertion of Light; Vessel-1425.

10. Consciousness of the Signal of Numeration of Synthesis

III Imperious Numeration and Synthetic Emergence

1. The Matter, a State of Energy - Intervention of the Verifiers

2. How to Pre-organise Systems of Power

3. Preliminary Transformation Before Approaching a System of Unification

4. Control of Synthetic Emergence; Motion of Emergence


I Code of Emergence and Contract of Interiority

1. Sites of Emergence to Prepare and Channel the Energies

2. Balancing External Emergences with regard to Circuits of Interiorisation

3. The Scattering of Systems of Emergence in Zones of Power

4. Creating a Zone of Emergence; Pre-canalisation, Reintegration, or Drifting process

5. Internal Numeral Integration, and the Division of the System of Emergence

6. Repatriating the System of Exteriority into the Axis of the Internal Unitary Signal

7. Transmutation of Energy towards Consciousness for a Synthetic Transfer

8. Functionality of Sites of Transfer; Pre-programming

9. The Building of a Body of Interiority; Transfer of Figures at long Distance

10. Contract of Interiority; Omer; Transmitting Fanfares

11. Correlation of emergence over Widely-extended Fields; Creation of a Resonator of Emergence

II Systems of Emergence

1. Balancing the Force and the Energy; Normalisation

2. Multipolar Signature; Controller of Synchronised Emergence

3. Robot Systems and Gradual Emergent Networks

4. Creation of the Numeral Correlation; Transfer of Immersion in System of Force

III Programme of Synthetic Numeration, and External Drift

1. Organ of Internal Numeration, Reinsertion or Drift

2. Internal Numeral Correlation of Two Internal and External Mutants

3. External Drift, and the Cessation of Signatures of Emergence on the Unitary Antenna

4. Signature of Final Disconnexion; Possibility of Return

5. Synthetic Numeration; the Reintegration of Systems of Exteriority

6. Access to Systems of Decanting Sites


I Configuration of Reinsertion, and Numeration of Sumerian Synthesis

1. Eternel figure and Transmitting Vortices

2. Emergence, and the Configuration of Synthesis

3. Incomplete Synthetic Transfer

4. Configuration of Reinsertion

5. External Numerator, Numerator of Interiority, and Signal of Synthesis

6. Hostages of Numeration and External Controls

7. Synthesis of Light, Beam of Transfer, and Co-ordination of Emergence

II Complete Body of Emergence and Circle of Light

1. Unitary Signature of a Body of Emergence; the Gathering of a Complete Signature

2. Professional Figure, and Prophetitional Stabilisation

3. Cauterising the Inferior Violences, and Transforming the Imperious Mutant


I The Body of Mutant

1. Integration of a Body of Mutant into a Physical Body

2. Internal and External Emergent Powers; Movements of the Motors of Imperious Figure

3. The Cost of Incarnation of a System of Synthetic Numeration

4. Re-centralising the Imperious Systems on Robot-like Signatures and Organising the Transmissions

5. Co-ordination of Remote Emergence; Uprisings of Mecanian Synchronisation

6. Demarcated and Stabilised Robotic Controls of Emergence

II Recentralisation of Emergence

1. Chart of the Contracts of Emergence; Organ of Imperious Figure

2. The Flow of Transmission and of Reinsertion in a Formal System

3. Information of Consciousness for the Repatriation of External Figures


I Coding of Internal Energy and Operation of Transmission

1. The Coding: a Signature of Coded Emergence

2. Body of Form and Body of Subtlety

3. Sumerian Essence of Internal Energy, and Drifting Sumerian Essence; Emergent Code

4. A Synchronised Network of Emergence

5. Resonance with a Dimensions of Synthesis; Robotic Resonance

II Integration of the Systems of Exteriority - Councils of the Order

1. Synchronisation of Emergent forces; Explosive Systems

2. Configuration of a Signal of Numeration of Synthesis; Parallel Transmutations

3. Operations of Synchronisation; Co-ordination, and the Controlling Figure

4. The Exterior World, the Interior World, and the Organ of Life

5. Councils of the Order

6. Co-ordinators of Emergence

7. Shifting the Substantial Body above the Original Zone of Incarnation

III Signal of Immanent Synthetic Transfer

1. Synthetic Numeration; Junction on Several Planets

2. Resurgence of the Imperious Mutant; Codifications Propped up from Other Worlds

3. How to Complete Your Programme of Emergence; Structural Frames; A Situations of Synthesis

4. Contract of Complete Interiorisation; System of Coded Numeration of Synthesis

5. Disappearance and Reappearance of the Physical Body

6. The Apparition of Vessels; Speed-space-time Ratio, and Consciousness-energy-matter Ratio

7. Signal of Imperious Mutant, Substilisation and Pre-programming

8. Construction of the Organ of Imperious Emergence - Spatial and Timeless Integration

9. Organ of Interiority and Numeration of Synthesis


I Managing Power and Exteriority in a Numeral Synthesis

1. The Numeration of a Transferor of Interiority - The Risk of Loosing One's Star

2. Elevation as a Counterbalance to Deep Anchoring; Integration into a System of Synthetic Consciousness

3. Co-ordination of Power, and the Building of an individual's Internal Unity

4. Sleep; Connection between the Numerator of Interiority and the Physical Body

5. A Signature of Emergence with no Discontinuity of Consciousness

6. The Importance of Rest for a Centraliser

II Robot-like Controls and Circles of Emergence

1. Buiding an Accurate and Controlling Figure

2. Creation of a Robot-like Equipment System for a Re-centralisation of Emergence

3. Coding and Circles of Emergence

III A Co-ordination Needed for Large Antennas of Transfer

1. Body of Force, Gordages of Emergence, and Vers Systems

2. Signature of Extreme-drawn Power; System of Inserted Numeration


I Communication with a Heavy System of Power

1. Programme of Mutant, and Zone of Imperious Mutant

2. CONTACTOS of Numeration According to the System of Emergence

3. Metallisation of Synchronised Numeration; Bath-83.

4. Living Place and Synthetic Communication

5. Emerging Codifiers- The Reinsertion of Figures in Synthetic Transfer

II Reintegration and code of synthetic interior numeration

1. Intervention in Systems of Sumerian Closure

2. Prophet of the Internal Unity

3. Frame of Numeration


I System of Interiority with a Double Configuration

1. Intervention of the Sumerian Fleet over a Planet

2. A Transmutation in Several Signatures; Synchronised Codification

3. Creating a Numeration of Interiority in the Inside of the System of Numeration of Synthesis

4. Creating a Circuit of Internal numeration within a Circuit of Internal Numeration

5. Numeration of Synthesis, and Numerator of Internal Interiority

6. Transfers, Contracts, and Forceps of Emergence

7. Acceleration of the Cotages of Emergence; Simplification of the Codifications of Numeration

8. Direct Centralisation, or Network of Synthetic Emergence; Numeration of Coded Internal Unity

II Planetary Junction

1. Stabilised and Reinforced System of Numeration; Acting for a Planet

2. A Unitary Configuration for Planetary Junction

3. An Exterior Numeration According to the Beings' Living Place

4. Distorsions in the Zone of Earth, and Junction with the Internal Unity

5. Intervention of this World in other Worlds; a Gradual Re-balancing


I Intervention of the Sumerian Fleet in the Circuit of Transfer

1. The Sumerian Fleet, and the Monitoring of Space-time Portions

2. Code of Synthetic Numeration Enframed by a Triangular System of Power

3. Co-ordination of Emergence; Derivation; Varior-18.

4. The Great Play of the Transfers of Numeration

5. Bodies of Mutants, and Numeral Codification

6. Process of Synthesis; Sumerian Circle of Numeration

II Apparitions of Lights, and Amplification of Time

1. Zones of Internel Numeration and Codifications of Light; Apparitions of Vessels

2. Coffers of Future Essence; Types of Formalisation

3. External Fleets, Life Circumstances, and Life Span

4. Numeration and Resonance in Time

5. Life Span, Internal Numeral Recording, and Unitary Codification

6. Gradual Extension and Unitary Codification

III An Approach of Immortality towards Timelessness

1. Long-lasting Imperious Codification; Coming Closer to a Timeless Dimension

2. Time Amplification in a Condensed Heavy World

3. Amplification of Planetary Emergence; Syster-2. -8.

4. Emergence of Light, a Quality of Light on Different Planets

5. Inner Light, Unitary Interiorisation Processes, and Co-ordination of Light

6. Numerator of Synthesis, Number, Coding of Numeration and Circle of Transfer

7. Ferseals of Transmitter and Luminous Codifications

8. Fast Interiorisation Process


I Creating a Duplicate of the Formal System

1. Mastering the Space-time; Co-ordination between Planes; Codings and Numerations

2. Numerology and Galactic Languages; The Re-building of an Organism

3. A-E-É-I-O-OU : Control Over Signatures of Synthetic Emergence by Means of Sound; "Rebis"

4. Miniaturised Cell-like Crystal-Metal Configuration

5. Decoding, and Creation of the First Elements of the Fleet

II The Codings of Control of a Process of Emergence

1. Miniaturisation, Pre-formalisation on a Material Form

2. Hostages of Emergence, and Control of Synchronised Energy

3. Control of Erecting; Zone of the Full Null and Zone of the Empty Null

4. The Power of Numeration on Twelve Planes

5. Control of Synthetic Emergence; Changing the Control of Energy


I Process of Coded Sumerian Transmission; Man-Woman Transfer

1. Movement Speed; Ensign of Control

2. A Configuration of Transfer Re-ordered until the Imperious Plane; Man-Woman Emergence

3. Role of a Man Connected to the Internal Unity

4. Complementarity of Male-Female systems; Power of transfer

5. Man, a Reconnector of Numeration of Synthesis; Energy Sparing

6. Unified Code of Synthetic Numeration, and Controller of Sumerian Interiority

7. Synthetic Correlation of Exterior Systems towards a Numerator of Interiority

8. Unified Organ of Numeration; Elevation by Means of Accumulation of Unified Energy

9. Unified Transfer; Risk of Inversion of Exterior Circuits

II Codification of Synthesis

1. A Signature of Synthetic Emergence between Man and Woman

2. Contracts of Synthesis on Several Dimensions

3. Contract-9. - Pre-synthesis, and Unfastening Process

4. Signature of the Numerator of Interiority, Alone or with Several Attuned bodies

5. Codification of the System of Synthetic Transmitter


I Transfer of Numeration and Circles of Emergence

1. Southern-Cross - Epsilon 6

2. Forceps of Energy and Contract of Synthesis

3. Internal Accelerations, and the Repatriation of Exterior Circuits

II Sumerian Circles

1. A System of Numeration of Synchronisation Energetified by Sumerian Circles

2. The Creation of Sumerian Circles in Layers of Emergence

3. An Active Transmutation of Exteriority; Opars of Numeration

4. A Widely-extended Contract of Transfer

5. Reconnecting the System of Emergence


I Material Resonators

1. Arrival of a Power in a Circuit of Transmitter

2. The Making of Imperious Resonators

3. Traditions, and the Materialisation of Signatures of Transfer

4. The Polynesian System, the Japanese System and the Networks of Emergence

II Sumerian Transfer

1. Getting the Transfer of Transmitter Started

2. Contracts of Interiority and Power of Reinsertion

3. Movements of Emergence with Individuals and with Planets

4. Direct Transfer in the Zone of the Synthetic Sumerian

5. Relationship Between Head and Body

6. Programme of Transmitter; Creation of a Master of Imperious Mutant

7. The Contract of Internal Transfer, and the Junction of Imperious Signatures

8. Ber Limit, and the System of Parallel Emergence

9. Motors of Inner Tornado

10. Numeration of Exteriority

11. Synthetic Transmitter and Change of Continuum

III Contract of Interiorisation; Moving the System of Power

1. Biological Vehicle and Immovable P4.

2. The Management of Systems of Power beyond the Being's Personal Limit

3. Absolute Accuracy in Exterior Area


I Contracts of Interiority, and Co-ordination of Insertion

1. Motor of Interiority - The Synchronisation of Motors of Life

2. Continuity of Communication with the Heaven; the Fallen State

3. The Need for a Complete Signal of Numeration

II Correlation of Unification and Synthetic Unitary Transfer

1. Operativity of a Co-ordinated Unified Group

2. Junction of a Motor of Internal Unitary Transfer

3. Activation of the System of UnitaryTransfer - The Fathers-of-U

4. Risk of Diversion, Selectivity, and Junction with the Internal Unitary Line

5. Control of Exteriority Done by Ber Circuits - Vitalisation of the Biological System

6. Subtilisation Process, and Earth-Heaven Communication

7. Intervention of an Non-formal System in a Formal System - The Importance of the Contract of Interiority

8. Signatories of Interiority and Signatories of Exteriority


I. Correlations of Emergence between Men and Women

1. Extremely Compact Energy, and Yang Correlation

2. Great Subtlety and Yin Correlation

3. The System of Transmitter of Man-Woman and Parent-Child Correlations

4. Exteriorisation of the Yin-Yang Zone of Numeration

5. Extreme-supreme Resonator: Head and Body

6. Amplification of Emergence around a Numerator of Interiority

7. Regrouping Around a Numerator of Interiority

8. Reconnecting the Field of Mortal to the Immortal

II. A Process of Synthetic Unitary Junction

1. Shunt of Emergence

2. Internal Codification and Exterior Corporeal System

3. Transfer, and Numeration of Interiority

4. Creating the Organ of Sumerian Synthesis

5. Journeying Out of the Physical Body

6. Making the Minutings of Light Stronger

7. Multidimensional Junction, and the Power of Reinsertion

8. Transmutation of the Ber System - Mothership

9. Glorious Body, a State of Condensation of Light

10. Agreement with Other Planets ; The Systems of Equivalence between Worlds

III. Conference of the Unity and Unitary Reinsertion

1. Operation of Internal Eneter

2. Exchanges of Energy inside Motherships

3. Integration into a System of Internal Numeration

4. Contracts of Interiority under the Form of a Numerology

5. The Birth of Numerations on a Disconnected World

6. The Junction of Disconnected Worlds ; the Minuting of Figures to be Reintegrated

7. The Codings of Synthetic Energy, and the Numbers

8. Codification of Internal Emergence

9. Improvement of the Signatures of Synthesis ; Supra-universal Controls

10. Equilibrium between Signatures of Energy and Signatures of Consciousness

11. Incomplete Truth, or Intra-universal Truth


I Control of Numeration and Process of Normalisation

1. Normalisation of Interiority, Numeration of Exteriority

2. Non-Integrable System of Power; Operation of Emergence of External Power

3. Codification of Numeration

4. Amplified Code of Numeration, and Normalisation

5. Normalisation of Imperious Figure

6. Direct Junction of Imperious Emergence

II Material Condensation and Zones of Subtlety

1. Floors of Numeration and Energy Blocks

2. Energy Codings of the Matter; Crystals

3. The Building of Subtle Signatures Starting From the Mortal Formal System

4. Particle Creation within the Creature

5. A Particle Network Created Following the Substantial Body; Contracts of Transfer

III The Being's Destiny

1. Combining the Numerator of Interiority with Its Signal of Synthesis

2. Internal Programming and Direct Contact

3. Contract of Imperious Figure; Robotic Recording

4. Change of Destiny and Acceleration of Transfer

5. Building the Mecaniser of Imperious Figure

6. Incomplete Destinies; Infermuration


I Unitary Junction and Border of Disconnection

1. Numerations of Transfer in Three Parts- Issuing and Returning

2. Vessels of Internal Energy and Disconnected Zones

3. Diverted Systems of Internal Transmitter- Orbiting Station

4. The Organ of Sumerian Synthesis of a Reconnected and Enlightened Body

5. Sumerian Synthesis, and Synchronised Imperious Centralisation

6. The Enframing of Explosive Systems; Control of Insertion

7. The Rapport of Processes of Transmitter with Zones of Power

8. Rocar, Master of the Esser Section-9.

9. Pairing with Other Worlds

II Vehicles of Consciousness and of Power

1. Bodies of Subtle Energy; Physical Body; Body of Inferior Power

2. Body of Interior Insertion, and Physical Body; Out-of-Body Journey and the Risk of Discontinuity

3. Repatriating the Mighty-One into the Physical Body

4. Creation of the Organ of Interiority


I Junction of the System of Unitary Numeration

1. Sumerianisation of the Coded System of Interiority ; Imperious Junction

2. Transfer between Super-Human and Under-Human Levels- Cobification

3. Energy Gaps, and the Line of Immortality

II Process of Internal Unitary Transfer

1. The Factors of Variation of Human States of Energy

2. Position of the B4.

3. Final Transferor and Large-scale Configuration of Emergence

4. Plane of Transfer and Covinaculated Space-Time Portions

5. Time Difference between the Energy of Sumerian Essence and the Power of Emergence

6. Stress, and Equalisation of Emergence

7. Diversion of Emergence, Illusion, and the Temptation of Power

8. The Exact Conditions of Exteriorisation; Signature of Eternel-3.
9. Incomplete Part of Emergence

10. Concentration of Energy, and Complete Signature of the Being; Extension, and Risk of Distorsion

11. Integration into the Axis of Numeration of Synthesis

12. Avoid the Spacious Paths Leading into the Abyss


I Attunement of the Control of Interiority

1. Controllers of Synthetic Numeration ; Destruction, Transformation, Subtilisation

2. Incarnation Programme: Regrouping of Imperious Mutants, and Unitary Sumerianisation

3. Antenna of Unitary Synthesis and Line of Immortality

4. Incarnation of the System of Synthetic Transmitter; Organ of External Transfer

5. Numeration of Synthesis of Imperious Mutant

6. Circles of Imperious Numeration and Network of Emergence

7. Transformation of the Transmitting Body; Disappearance Downwards, Outwards or Upwards

II Steps of the Sumerian Transfer

1. Miniaturisation of the Atomico-Molecular System; Complete Numeral Codification

2. Junction of the Motor of Imperious Figure; Fraternising with Exterior Mutants

3. Dividing the Codifiers of Interiority

4. A Field of Peripheral Emergence ; The Repatriation of External Configurations


I System of External Transmitter and System of Synthesis

1. Luminous Integration

2. Contact with the Systems of Force

3. Incarnation of a System of Sumerian Numeration; Programme of Emergence of the Forms

4. Fraternisings of Light between System of Synthetic Transmitter and Systems of Imperious Mutant

5. CONTACTOS of Interiorisation on a Disconnected Planet

6. A Synchronisation for the Contracts of Interiority; Cigar-2. and Cigar-3.

7. Signature of a Contract on Portions-55. -56. -57. -58. , and Synthetic Communication

8. Fraternising with Excessively Heavy Zones of Emergence

9. Contract-10. and Ber-4.

10. Organ of the Fathers-of-U and Lunitic Figure; Earth 4.

11. The Conquest of Immortality; Exterior Violence and Inner Force

II Advice on How to Study this Transmission

1. The Contract of Interiority

2. Action over Powers of Inferior Mortals

3. Action on Exterior Zones of Numeration

4. Transformation on an Antenna of Sumerian Essence

5. Delineating and Controlling an Energy Field Apt to be Attuned to the Signal of Sumerian Essence


I Synthetic Numeration and External Emergence

1. Sensitising Process, an Incomplete Emergence

2. Synthetic Numeration; Network of Combined Exteriority

3. Contract of External Emergence on Remote Zones

II Unity-Multiplicity Polarisation in the Social Field

1. Internal Energetic Reality, and the Human Consciousness

2. Coming as Close as Possible to One's Numeration of Synthesis; Morals

3. Re-welding Unity with Multiplicity

4. Accumulations of Power and Explosive Zones

5. Transfer of Numeration

6. Creating Poles of Unity-Multiplicity Junction

7. Consciousness of Interiority, and Shunt of Imperious Numeration

8. Communication with a Signal of Unitary Synthesis


I - Internal Transmutation, and the Exteriorisation of Energy

1. External Emergence; Mastrer of Internal Energy

2. Internal Channeling, Control of External Transmission, and Contact of Emergence

3. Preparation Steps for a Sumerian Emergence

4. The Recording, onto Exterior Signals, of Figures Unlikely to Be Unified

5. Pollutions of Emergence; Motor of Imperious Figure

II Processes Involved in the States of Incarnation

    1. The Origin of Incarnation; Diverted Space-Time Portions

    2. Formal Codification of the Consciousness-Interiority-Power Incarnation

    3. Contract of Numeration Until the Material Plane; Dolmens and Menhirs

    4. Correlation of Numeration with Planets or Stars

    5. Remote Communication of Light through Successive Relaying-Links

    6. Time Correlation of Lines of Numeration; Acceleration of One's Destiny

III The Awareness of Subtle Worlds in a Planetary Junction

    1. Tension of Consciousness between the Subtle Body and the Biological Body

    2. The Acceleration of Slow Heavy Systems

    3. Social Resistance and Institutional Crystallisation

    4. De-crystallising the Systems of Imperious Control

    5. A New Configuration of the Shunt Figured between Below and Above


I Signature of Emergence; Elements of the Number

1. Number, a Signature of Internal Unitary Codification

2. Elements of the Number

3. First Element: the Control Digit - Second Element: the Antenna of Powers

4. Final Element of the Number; A Three-Digit Contrat

5. Codes of Numeration 66. , 666. , and 144. ,000

6. Numbers 4. , 5. , 6. , 7. , 8. , and 12. ; The 07.

7. Number of Interiorisation and Power of Transfer

II Numbered Numerator of Interiority, and Operation of Synthetic Emergence

1. Imperious Correlations Needed for a Being's Awakening

2. Numerator of Interiority-1425. and System-725.

3. Internal Initiatory Communication and Synthetic Emergence

4. Synthetic Transmutation

5. Resonance of Light, or Unitary Concentration

6. Media-related Numeration and Contract-10.

7. Direct Communication with Interiorities of the Universe

III A Programme of Internal Unitary Numeration

1. Signature with Circuits Issued from Media-related Zones

2. Unification, Continuity with the Axis of Immortality; Sleeping Survivors

3. Hell And Damnation, a Fall in the Inferior Level

4. The Junction of Fallen Systems; The Shunting of Circuits Apt to Be Attuned

5. Standing at some Distance from Layers of Inferior Death-like Process


I Contact of Numeration and Energy Stocks

1. Contract of Interiority Attuned to the Formal Plane

2. Shunt with the Stocks of External Energy

3. Organ of Unitary Synthesis, and Energy Stocks

4. Transmutation of the Systems of Imperious Transmitter

5. Motors of Interiority, Numeration of Exteriority, and Organ of Insertion

6. Difficulty of Insertion over a Widely-extended Field

7. Agreement between the Transferor of Interiority and the Organ of External Transfer

II Systems of External Emergence and Transfer of Internal Transmitter

1. The De-structuring of Systems of External Emergence when Structures of Imperious Emergence are Re-inserted

2. De-framing Process Caused by an Excess Imperious Overload

3. Tip of Mutant, Numeration of Interiority, and Numeration of Exteriority

4. Using Energy from the Internal System for Non-integrable Imperious Zones: Risk of Drift

5. The Control of Systems-56. -57. -58.

6. An External Numeration According to the Quality of the Internal Numeration

7. Transfers in Superhuman, Human and Under-human Planes: Computers and Permuters

8. Operation of the Unitary Mastrers

9. System of Emergence and Organ of Imperious Transfer

10. An Organised System of Imperious Emergence


I Resonators

1. Figures of Energy Surrounding the Physical Body

2. Resonances between Worlds; Interiorisation

3. The Reinsertion of Figures: Redemption of the Mother by the Son

II Formal Body, Subtle Vehicles, and the Path of Return

1. Making a Successful Signature of Emergence through the Mastery of One's Limit; The Prophets' Programme of Interiority

2. Body of Form and Circles of Synthesis; Power of Inner Unitary Transfer

3. Cord of Life and Signature of Power

4. Codification of Interiority, and Path of Return

5. Resurrection and the Number


I Networks of Emergence and Body of Light

1. External and Imperious Control

2. Contract of Interiority or Exterior Signature; Parallel Motors of Transfer

3. Body of Life and Body of Energy

4. Realisation of the Sumerianised Emergent Body; Intervention of the Council 56. -57. -58.

5. Incarnation Programme and Synthetic Communication

II Dematerialising the Substantial Body

    1. Prerequisites for Complete Transmutation of the Physical Body

    2. Highly Active System of Emergence, and Robotic Systems attuned to the Inner Dimension

    3. Changing the Organ of Interior Transfer

    4. The Soul: a Dimension of Resonance between Science and Power

    5. State of Purity: A Condition of Absolute Order and Total Conformity

III A Programme of Internal and Imperious Emergence

    1. Robotic Emergent Devices: Organ of Awakening in a Field of Power

    2. Codification of Interiority Created Through a Work

    3. Intervention of a Mediating Numerator from a Programme of Internal Emergence

    5. Danger of Inferiorisation in a Programme of Emergence

    6. Contract of Interiority, and Protosynthetic Vision

    7. A Special Work Needed to Sign One's Contract of Interiority

    8. Danger Coming from Disconnected Systems for a Programme of Interiorisation

    9. Bodies of Inferiority and Emergent Devices


I Steps of the Rrogramme of Emergence

1. Programme of Ultimate Synthetic Numeration, and Organ of Interiority

2. Disconnection in Exterior and Inferior Zones; Conditions for a Codification of Interiority

3. Permanent Contract of Interiorisation, and the Right of Return

4. Being Released from the Hookings of Power; Soarings of Light

5. The Repatriation of External Networks into a Zone of Synthesis; Circles of Light

6. Spheres of Emergence, and Beams of Synthetic Emergence

7. Organ of Interiority, and Control of Numeration of Synthesis

8. Interiorisation Process and Changes of Emergence

9. Systems of Life, and Normalisation of Interiority

10. Ensign of Emergence, and Unitary Combination

11. Organ of Interiority, and the Fields of Emergence of Light

II Conditions for The Contract of Immortality

    1. Resembling Immortality: Becoming Attuned to That Which Lasts

    2. The Immortal Man: a Being of Time-Space-Matter Synthesis

    3. Terminating in order to Rebuild the Complete Cosmic Being

    4. Mortality and Dispersion, Immortality and the Reconstitution of Scattered Elements

    5. Bringing one's Figures together into one's Formal Vehicle

    6. Immortal Consciousness, Total Wholeness and Absolute Presence within Space-Time Simultaneity

    7. Putting one's System of Emergence in Order again

    8. Different Stages of the Individual's Growth

    9. Accurate Unitary Communications: Eternel, Externel and Seternel Systems in a Single Figure


I Transfer of Internal Numeration

1. A Programme of Internal Transmitter in a Line of Numeration; Pre-programming

2. Organ of Unitary Synthetic Transfer

3. The Transmutation and Pre-Processing of Systems of Numeration Surrounding the System of Numeration of Synthesis

4. Codification of Sumerian Essence In Several Steps

5. Unitary Beam and Ensign of Transfer

II Contract of Numeration of Resonance, and External Control

1. Corification and Internal Initiatory Resonance

2. Starting up the Controllers of Interiority; Ferseals and Fersisters

3. Network of External Emergence

4. Configuration of the Motor of Interiority; Control 56. -57. -58. Surrounding the 55.

5. Consigurations, and Circles of Numeration

III A System of Transmitting-Receiving Antenna

1. Beams of Emergence In Several Floors; Antenna of Internal Energy

2. Being a Receiver, an Amplifyer or a Transformer

3. Robotic Systems in the Plane of Sumerian Essences; "Help Yourself Then Heaven Shall Help You"

4. How to Subdue your Circle of Force to your Signature of Emergence

5. Recentralising the Numerators of Interiority in Low, Medium and High Frequencies

6. The Dimension of High Mastery

7. Chain of Emergence


I Repatriation of the Being's Totality

1. The Integration and Balance of Numerations Attuned to a Being

2. Difficult Numeral Communication and Skid of Imbalanced Circuits

3. Diversion, and the Figure of Ester-85.

4. Energy Pit and Increase of Power

5. Balance between the Mighty-One and the Controls of Exteriority; Or-7

II Collecting the Elements of Transfer

    1. Mastery over One's own Systems of Power to Be Integrated in a System of Transfer

    2. Demarcating the Zone of Transfer: Centralisation

    3. Organ of Insertion in Numeration of Interiority; Limit of Exteriority and Inferiority

    4. Configuration of a Non-dispersing System of Interiority

III Integration into a Signature of Interiority

    1. The Origin of Disconnection: Imbalance between Systems of Exteriority and Interiority

    2. Communication between the Circuit of Synthesis and the Transfer of Synchronised Transmitter

    3. The Fathers-of-U; The Organ of Transfer of a Being of Numeration

    4. Junction of an Inferior Circuit in an Ascending Zone; Degree of Liberty.


I System of Imperious Mutants, and Circles of Numeration

1. The Transfer of Imperious Figures; Emergent Metards

2. Crystallisation; Covinar-3.

3.Goldsmith of the Unity, Organs of Emergence

4. X13. Signal of Limit

5. Utilisation of Robotic Circuits; Council-6. and Council-7.

6. System-55. , Consecration and Twisted 56. -57. -58. Syste

II Contracts-55. -56. -57. -58. and Codification of Light

1. Transfer of Interference in Zones of Power

2. Contract of Interiority, and Council-7.

3. External System, Infernel System, and Internal Unitary System

4. The Organ of Interiority of Light-56. -57. -58. and the Inferiorised P4.

5. Circle-2. , Particle of Tornado, and Distortions

6. Contract of Insertion on an Antenna of Synthetic Transfer, and the 56. -57. -5

III Chain of Transfer and Internal Numeration 55. -56. -57. -58

    1. Delineating the System of Power; A Chain of Transfer of Light

    2. Emergence of the C7. Circuit; Internal Numeration 55. -56. -57. -58.

    3. Codification of Interiority within a Robotic Material Demarcation

    4. Signature of Transfer of Light; Pre-programming

    5. Robotic Co-ordination, and Organ of Sumerian Insertion 55. -56. -57. -58.

    6. The Intervention of Synthetic Beings for Complete Extrication out of the Formal Plane


I Formal Body and Organ of Interiority

1. Organ of Life and Organ of Interiority

2. Codifier of Interiority and Signature of Sumerian Control

3. Organ of Life and Operation of Power

4. Process of Inferiorisation and Powers in Mortal Figure

5. The Reconnection of Remote Systems of Power; Transferor of Internal Interference

6. The Combination of Systems in Sumerian Transformation

7. Contract between the Sumerians and the Systems of Power

II Communication between Earth and Heaven

    1. The Luniterra Signature

    2. Process of Emergence, and Programme of Insertion

    3. Codifier of Sumerian Essence, and Planetary Junction

    4. Professor of Antenna; a Vision of Recovery

III Circles of the Unity and Code of the Internal Unity

    1. Intervention of the Ensign-10. in this World

    2. The Plane of Sumerians; Access to the Circle of the Unity

    3. Inner Science for Permanent Consciousness

    4. Choice between Returning or Being Left Over

    6. Interiorising One's Immensity and Entering the Frame of Internal Unity


I The Monitoring of Worlds

1. The Formal Plane of Planet Earth; Internal Numeration and Circle of Power

2. Fathers-of-U, and Normalisers of Imperious Figure

3. Junction to a System of Unitary Synthesis

II Process of Interiorisation and Circles of Numeration

1. Co-ordination between all Systems through the Council-6.
2. Concentration of Interiorisation

3. Intergalactic Fraternising of Energy

4. Transfers of Emergence from the 56. -57. -58.

5. Available Time for the Signature of a Being's Contract of Interiorisation

6. Regrouping on an Antenna of Transfer


I Interdimensional Transfer and inferior Kingdom

1. Cords of Imperious Numeration, and Programme of Numeration of Interiorisation

2. Codification of Inferiority, and Relaying-Links of Emergence

3. How to Set up conditions of Emergence; Systems of Limit between this Plane and Death

4. The Hells; Diversion out of this World, and Re-emergence

5. The Junction of Circles of Power of Limit, and Circles-56. -57. -58.

6. Signal of Terminal Numeration, and Negotiation in the Plane of the Dead

II Numeral Exchange of Insertion in Remote Systems

1. Circle of the Eternel, and Figures of Rebellion

2. A Selection of Numeration; Reproducing the System-56. -57. -58. at Every Floor

    3. Incomplete Luminous Conceptions, and the Building a Second System of Control-6.

    4. Diversion of External Systems, and Gaps of Power

    5. Remote Management by means of Exteriorisation of the 56. -57. -58. ; Synsequed Processes

    6. Numeral Exchange of Re-insertion, and the Welding of Remote Subtle Systems

    7. Exchanges between Mutants of Insertion and Systems of Inferior Power

    8. World-wide Operations for a Unique Configuration of Sumerian Essence

    9. The Configuration of a Turning of Emergence

    10. A Programme of Mastery: Avoiding the Illusion of Operations of Power


I Art Creation, Fame, and Recovery of the System of Insertion

1. Art Creation and Form of Transfer

2. Fame after Death, and Junction of Imperious Figure

3. Rising up again, and the Recovery of the Systems of Insertion

4. Leaving the Formal Body: Unitary Insertion, Re-incarnation or Infernel Dive

II Contract of Insertion

1. Contract of Insertion in an Infernel Zone

2. System of Inversion in a Zone of Power

3. Council-6. , Coding of Numeration, and Immortality

4. Codification of Light, and Synchronisation of Lunera

5. Ensign-6. , Circle of Lunera, and the Formation of a Body of Light

6. The Decision of Unification - Extracting one's Root from Below to Integrate one's Totality Above

7. A Junction in Totality: Conditions for Synthetic Unification

8. Contract of Insertion; Junction to an Inner System of Unification

9. Decision Making and Timing of Transfer: A Programme of Insertion

10. Control-6. , and Division of the Programme of Insertion

11. Impossible to Sign Contracts in Zones unlikely to Be Numbered


I Numeration of Insertion

    1. Circles of Transmitter Vessel-8425. ; the Configuration of Insertion

    2. Incaordinated Operation and Contracts of Interiorisation

    3. Cord of Numeration, Signature of Intersection

    4. The Numeration of Diverted Systems

    5. Frame of Diverted Control and External Numeration

    6. Powerful Programme of Inferiorisation ; Active Codification of Insertion

    7. Council-6. , and Systems of Ultimate Unification

    8. Problems of Insertion on a Non-Connected Planet

    9. Mutants of Insertion in a Code of Externel Numeration

    10. Imperious Emergence: Sudar-885. and Codifier-

II Motor of External Emergence, and Distorsion

    1. Transferor of Emergence Coded on two Antennas; Motor of External Emergence

    2. Do not Mistake the Emergence of Power for the Contract of Insertion

    3. Decanting of Emergence and Insertion of Systems of Power likely to be Integrated

    4. Reconstruction of the Control of Imperious Figure, or Inversion

    5. Recasting: A Descent into Gravitational Zones

    6. Drift of Contracts unlikely to be Unified; Interiorisation of Circuits likely to be Unified

    7. Savings of Numeration


I A Codification over Thousands of People

    1. Codifiers of Emergence, Consecrator of Intergalactic Figure

    2. Contract of Insertion of Light; Organs of Sensitisation

    3. Numeration of Unitary Insertion; Intergalactic Figure

    4. Operations of Intergalactic Figure on Planes of Force; Shunts of Imperious Numeration

II A Programme of Unitary Emergence

    1. Integral Organ of Insertion of Light; the Normalisation of Mothers-3.

    2. Integral Control

    3. Intervention of Councils-6. ; Reinsertion of In-framed Elements

    4. Co-ordination of Emergence; the Creation of a Woman of Transfer

    5. Quality of the Organ of Insertion of Light; Sipar-2. and


I State of Transfer, Unitary Centralisation

    1. Signature of Synthetic Emergence; Signature of Terminal Insertion of Light

    2. Normalisation of the Systems of External Emergence; Synthesis of Mortalisation

    3. The Unfastening of Systems of Death; Cigar-3.

    4. Passing the Doors in Due Time; The Romans; Circle of Interiority

    5. Monotheism and the Principle of Unification

    6. Captain of Vessel; Importance of the Terminal Contract

    7. Imperiously-Signed Systems and Subtle Transmutations

    8. Intergalactic Codifications of Light; Divided Imperious Figure and Pre-Synthesis

    9. Configuration of Insertion in Direct Line; Unification in the Presence of the Intergalactic Figure

II From a National Situation to an International Situation

    1. Passing over the Eternel Borderline; Re-centralisation by the Seternel Power

    2. Contract of Diverted Sumerian Insertion

    3. Transformation of the Controls; Contact with other Mighty-ones

III C6. Field and the Levels of Life

    1. Metralisation of an Imperious System of Transmitter

    2. Daughter of the Synthetic Unity; Zone C6.

    3. Metralisers of Power and Twists of Emergence

    4. Exterior Extension and Quality of Energy

    5. Eternel Border of Light and Diminutional Contract of Transfer


I Long-lasting or Widely-extended Codification of Insertion

    1. Long Preparation, and Selectivity of the Configurations of Insertion

    2. Coded Space-Time Portions and Circles of the Externel

    3. Portion-18. ; Signal of Intergalactic in Direct Line

    4. Risk of Diversion onto Zones of Complete Inferiorisation

    5. Integration of the Motors of Intergalactic Figure; Dislocation of Figures unlikely to be Synchronised

    6. Deblateration out of the Figure of Internal Unity, and Distant Spells

II Operations in Contact with other Planets

    1. Unitary Configurations and Operations in Simultaneity; Hostages

    2. Torman-35. , Torman-10. , Transfer of Emergence Terminal-18.

    3. Unification of Integral Figure, and Imperious Precision

    4. "Do Not Cast Pearls Before Swine": Transferring Already Prepared Systems.

Chapter 65: EXACTNESS

I The Setting-up of an Antenna of Transfer

    1. Permanent Position of Transfer

    2. Accuracy, Consciousness and Strength for the Building of One's Numeration

    3. Exactness and the Management of the Different Floors-55. -56. -57. -58.
    4. Circulation of Energy between Spirit, Substance and Matter; Integration into the Universal Stream

II The Process of Transmutation and Elevation out of the Worlds of Condensation

    1. Super-personal Consciousness to Approach God's Consciousness

    2. Worlds of Subtlety and Zones of Condensation

    3. Subtilisation, Pressurisation, Concentration: the Treatment of Zones of Excessively Thick Condensation

III Operation of Unitary Insertion

    1. The Co-ordination of the Consciousness-Power Rapports

    2. The Right of Return: a Consciousness-Power Signature

    3. Analysis of the CONTACTOS: Problem with Excessively-Individual Emergence of Power

    4. How to Use Gravitational Pull to Enter Zones of Inferiorisation

    5. Delegations from the System of Synthesis, and the Need to Return.


I System of Terminal Imperious Numeration

    1. Symponisation; System of Insertion of Light in a Zone of Force; Pre-Synthesis

    2. A Signature of Imperious Emergence in Terminal Zone

    3. Programme of Sumerian Insertion for Externel and Seternel Circuits

    4. Control of Emergence Starting from Forces of Internality, and not from Forces of Externality

II System and Organ of Integrality

    1. Operation of Integrality: Difficulty of Harmonisation between Different Times

    2. Agreement of Transfer between Space-Time Fields; Synthetic Codification

    3. Co-ordination between Fast-Transmuting Systems and Slow-Transmuting Systems

    4. Control of Insertion, and Circles-86. -87. -88. , 56. -57. -58. , 656. -657. -658.

    5. Numeration of Integrality and Codification of External Emergence

    6. Consubtion, Compraction and Comprexion: Three Kinds of Sublimation Processes

    7. The Signature of Contracts on Fifty-six Planets

    8. System of Unitary Insertion and Grades of Numeration

    9. Organ of Insertion, Controllers, and Numerator of Integrality

    10. Last Contract of Terminal

    11. Searching for Synchronisation between very Different Systems - Robotic Prostheses


I Contracts of Intergalactic Figure

    1. Inner Antenna and Signature of Emergence on Intergalactic Planes

    2. Systems of Synthetic Integrality of Light, and Synchronised Numeration

    3. Contracts of Internal and External Energy; Twist-800425. Section-924.

    4. Parallel Signatures of Emergence and Transfers of Synthesis

    5. The Creation of Numeral Fields

II Numeration of the Systems of Integrality

    1. Antenna of Integrality and System of External Energy

    2. Contract of Complete Insertion

    3. Chain of Gradual Numeration; Combination of the Motors of Insertion

    4. The Setting-up of a System of Synchronisation Apt to be Unified

    5. Numerator of Integrality in only one Figure; Synthetic Figure

    6. Junction with the Superior Level, Field of External Numeration, and Imperious Demarcation

    7. Specify What You are in Charge of; Eliminate Useless or Harmful Elements

    8. Building Normalisations of Imperious Figures

III Organ of Integrality

    1. Organ of Integrality of a Synthetic Type

    2. The Re-building of Emergences, and the Reinsertion of Diverted Systems

    3. A Demanding Figure of Exactness; the Creation of Zones Under a Control of Numeration


I Between the Heaven and the Power

    1. Formal Body: A Double Consciousness-Power Origin

    2. Redeemtaming Process and Unitary Reinsertion

    3. Upwards and Downwards Currents; Masters of Phenomenological Unity

    4. A Complete Programme: Repatriation of Interiority around a Contract of Integrality

    5. Numeration of Integrality; Monitoring the Gaps of Figure

    6. Bi-dimension, and Multidimensional Insertion of Light

    7. Method of Interiorisation; Monitoring the Risks of External Deterioration

    8. Reconstruction of a Signature: the Quintuple Essence

    9. Circle of Power Omen-35. and Codification

II System C6

    1. Tensions between Systems of Intergalactic Figure and Eternel Systems

    2. Conditions of Intergalactic Figure: the Repatriation of Mature Systems

    3. Reinforcing the Codifications of Insertion while Keeping in a State of Internal Balance

    4. Creating Conditions for the Transformation of Mature Codings

    5. The Reintegration of Diverted Beings

    6. Integration of the Contract-18. in Complete Figure; Reconstitution of the 56. -57. -58. in a System of Integrality


I Building the Figure of Integrality

    1. Floors of Transfer attuned to the Human Being from Power to Science

    2. Steps of Control surrounding the Physical Body; the Waking Consciousness

    3. The Soul, a Woman of Energy for the Physical Body

    4. Corporeality, a Place of Connection between Science and Power

    5. Carrier Wave and Modulating Wave

    6. Energy Transmutation and Contact with the Higher Science

    7. Direct Correlation between Signals of Synthetic Numeration and Circuits of Imperious Figure

    8. Building the Organs of Intergalactic Figure

    9. Communication with the Unitary Synthetic System; Consciousness-Power Agreements

    10. Complete Axis; Dorsal of Emergence; Council-18.

    11. Organ of Intergalactic Figure; the Signature of Insertion of Light

II Unitary Intergalactic Numeration

    1. Circle of Numeration on a Planet, and Signature of Insertion

    2. Yang Numerator-Spirit and Yin Eternel Envelope

    3. Organ of Intergalactic Figure and Hostages of Numeration

    4. Absolute Continuity between Spirit and Energy

    5. Control of Externel Zone and Transmutation of Seternel Systems

III Programme of Integrality

    1. Mastery and the Passage through Every Floor

    2. Circle-56.

    3. Normalisation of X13. Systems

    4. Operation of Integrality: Maintaining the Integrity of One's Unitary System

    4. Changing the Time-Space-Matter Equilibrium; E=mc2.

    5. A Voyage from the Extra-Universe to the Intra-Universe; The Exercise of Life


I Operation of Synthetic Emergence and Signature of Transformation

    1. Complete Incarnated Codification of the System of Emergence of Light

    2. Normalisation of Emergence for an Operation of Sublimation

    3. Contracts of Integrality, Fe-4. -8. -9. and Or-7. , Light of External Transfer

    4. Contract of Integral Emergence

    5. Motor of Integrality, Normaliser of Insertion and Imperious Transformation

II Contract of Unitary Synthetic Sublimic Integrality

    1. Intervention of the Father of the Internal Unity in Underlying Zones of Dispersion

    2. Repatriating the Signatures of Transformation that are Apt to be Unified

    3. Insertion of Light and Connection of Mecanian, Metallian, and Metralian Systems of Control

    4. Penetration of the Father Creator through the Creature then into the Creation

    5. Transfer of Integrality and Configuration of Insertion in Concentric Circles

    6. System of Sublimation

    7. New Contract of Integrality and Terminal Signature


I Cancer and the Transformation of Powers

    1. Correlation between Biological Body and System of Power

    2. An Example: Cancer

    3. Pre-programming Code in Zones of Synchronisation

    4. Emergence of Uncontrolled Systems of Power

    4. Invasive Penetration; Hooking on Power Fields

II Awareness of the Internal Process of Disease

    1. Releasing the Organism from Zones of Compression

    2. Distributing the Forces of Power coming to the Body of Life

    3. Healing Through a Process of Internal Consciousness

    4. Systems of Insertion Coming from Systems of Power: Viruses

    5. Consciousness, and the Strength to Manage Energies Having an Action on Individuals

    6. The Distribution of Forces between Various Organs of the Physical Body

III Ageing Process and System of Transfer

    1. Accumulation of Non-transferred Powers

    2. Limit of the Being's Conscious Intervention in a Field of Power

    3. Sumerianisable Circuits and Non-numbered Circuits

    4. Master of Power and Zones of Ascensional Energies


I Programming in Time, Movement in Space

    1. Creation of an Zone of Influence for an Operation of Insertion

    2. Programme of Numeration over Several Incarnations

    3. Non-Scattered Contracts of Insertion

    4. Motor of Transfer; Demarcated Power

    5. Connecting an Organ of Insertion of Light with a Non-Attuned Inferior Configuration

    6. Unfastening the Systems of External Emergence

II How To Use Mecanian and Metallian Systems

    1. A Robot-like Organisation

    2. Complexity of the Organ of Integrality

    3. Creating a Chain-55. -56. -57. -58.

    4. Central Repatriation Unit for External Emergences

    5. Incarnation of a System of Unitary Emergence

    6. Condition of Integrality


I Transformation of the Systems of Imperious Emergence: Relations to Animals

    1. Collecting Codifications for Complete Unification

    2. Animals, Relaying-Systems for the Repatriation of Remote Systems

    3. Consequence of the Destruction of an Animal

    4. Limiting the Animal Recordings to that which can be Recorded at a Level of Light

II Mecanian, Metallian and Metralian Relaying-Systems

    1. Compression and Space Reduction for Time Acceleration

    2. Ratio between Speed, Mass, Energy and Matter: E=mc2.

    3. Compression of Mass, Action on Space and Time

    4. Emergence of the System of Integrality

    5. Signal of Integral Transfer and Transformer of Insertion

    6. Robotic Interventions in External and Inferior Zones

    7. Transfers of Emergence on Intermediary Signatures

    8. Configuration of Synthetic Emergence

    9. Consiguration and Miniaturisation

    10. Configuration of a Subtilised System attuned to Consciousness-Energy

III Redemption until in the Heart of Matter

    1. The Act of Redemption

    2. the Creator's Beam Through His Unified Creature

    3. Tension-holder of Numeration

    4. Channel of Transformation until in the Heart of Mass

    5. Intervention of the Patrix-like Force

    6. Directing Line of the Creator's Original Signal


I Numeration of Insertion

1. Repatriating Exteriorised Figures into a Signature of Insertion

2. A Being's Interdimensional Contract in a Formal Plane

3. Transformation of the Codes of Numeration around an Individual

4. Exterior Drift

5. Two Kinds of Deaths

6. Finding a Solution to Inferior Hooking through Exteriorisation

II The Life Programme of a Formalised Race

1. Connection Bridge between the Forces of Insertion of Light and the Matter

2. Quintessencialising and Re-integrating the Systems of Power

3. The Line of Immortal Initiatory Transfer

4. A Programme for the Formalised Race: Consciousness-Power Junction

5. Numeration of Insertion in Terminal Zone

6. Codification of Insertion at every Floor of the Being's Configuration

7. Subtilising Process, and the Selection of Energy

8. Torch of Life

III Codification of Sumerian Insertion

1. Transfer Contact in a Zone of Power

2. Resistance to the Transfer, Circuits Connected to the Dame

3. Difficulty of Numeral Intervention into Condensation Zones

4. Beam of Insertion and Organ of Inferiority 105. -106. -107. -108


I Dematerialization and Interdimensional Transfer

    1. Programme of Integrality, Mastery over the Formal Vehicle

    2. Transformation of External and Infernal Masters

    3. Matrix-like Field of Energy and Welding of Synthesis

    4. Systems of Transfer that Cause the Transformation of the Biological Body

    5. Operation of Metallian Insertion

    6. Signals of Sublimic Imperious Mutants

    7. Numeration of Integrality

II Contact of Return and Normalisation of External Emergence

    1. Intuitions, Information of Partial Interiorisation

    2. Charts of Imperious Emergence

    3. Placing Over-powerful Circuits on an External Orbit

    4. Transformation of the System of External Emergence; Enmer-36.

    5. Retrieving one's Enframing of Numeration of Insertion.

III Sworn-in Beings

    1. Communication with the System of External Emergence

    2. Intervention of the Organ of Insertion of Light


I Numerations of Insertion in a Zone of Large Powers

    1. R4. and Numerations of Integralisation

    2. Emergent Pounding; the Monitoring of Organ 56. -57. -58.

    3. Council-6. , and Co-ordination with Systems of External Emergence

II Programme of Reinsertion of a Planet on its Way to Reinsertion

    1. Contract of Unitary Insertion on a Disconnected Planet

    2. Fields of Mutants and Reconnection

    3. Insertion in the Frame of the Numerator of Integrality

    4. Mutants of Insertion on Dissimilar Zones

    5. Working on Antennas of External Emergence

    6. Birth of a System of Insertion; Plane of Renewal

    7. Transformation of Integrality until in the Level of Powers

    8. Transfer of Synthetic Emergence

    9. Transformation of the System of Sumerian Insertion

    10. Resonance with Systems of Force

III Planetary Mutation and Planet Earth's Chakras

    1. Earthquake and Motors of Formal Existence Having Problems of Transfer

    2. The Passion for War

    3. Human Life and Plane of Forces

    4. Distorsion in a specific Zone, in relation with the Planetary Programme

    5. Awakening of the Seven Chakras of Planet Earth

    6. Participating in the Reconnection Plan.


I An Energy Field Attuned to Unitary Resonance

    1. Correlation with the Animal Kingdom for an Emergence of Power

    2. The Destruction of an Animal Creature

    3. Avoiding the Intake of Scattered Forces

    4. The Creation of an Organ of Transfer

    5. Operational Communities

    6. The Creation of Systems for Energy Channelling and Unification

    7. The Rules of Transfer

    8. Energetic Communities in Correlation with one another

    9. Circle of Numeration attuned to the Circuit of Sumerian Transfer

II Passing the Gate of Death towards another Plane

    1. Agreement between the Imperious Systems and the Sumerian Essence

    2. Bringing the Contracts of Interiorisation and of Imperious Figure to a Halt

    3. Suction into Exterior Worlds and Attraction into Inferior Planes

    4. Using one's Life to Change one's Imperious Planes

III The Purpose of Incarnation in a Body of Life

    1. Recovering one's Exterior and Inferior Circuits

    2. The Trap of Exterior Forces; Suction Into the System of the Mother

    3. How to Be in Agreement with the Divine.


I A Contract of Unitary Insertion on a Disconnected Planet

    1. Organ of Insertion and Imperious Pre-programming

    2. The Correlation of Formal and Subtle Vehicles

    3. Codification of Unification in Synthetic Transfer

    4. Roses of Light and Transfer through Beauty

    5. Unification by Harmonic Resonance with the System of Insertion

    6. Beauty, and Interdimensional Archetypal Signature.

II Materialisation-Dematerialization and Action on the Matter

    1. Acting over the Matter by Means of the Thought and the Energy

    2. A Difficult Programme of Insertion in a Zone of Matter

    3. A System Sworn-in to the Circuit-6.

    4. Unitary Contact on the Antenna of Forces

III Councils of the Unity and Intergalactic Central Unit

    1. The Re-centralising Power of the System of Unitary Insertion

    2. Normalisation of the Systems of Extreme Power

    3. The North-South; The Energy System of Islands

    4. Creating a System of Galactic Centre

    5. Intergalactic Central Unit and the Conference of Unity

    6. Protection of the Biological System by Means of a Ber System

    7. Repatriation of External Figures of Emergence

    8. Creation of a P4. , Re-unification of the Systems of Force


I The Right of Transfer

    1. Contract of Insertion on a Being of Cosmic Essence

    2. X13. System; Bringing the Mutants of Insertion Together

    3. Extreme-Supreme Contract and Hookings of Power

    4. Metralian and Metallian Enframing Systems

    5. Repatriation of Remote Systems of Light; Relaying-Links for Connection

    6. Distributing the Figures of Power.

II Sumerian Operation of Transfer

    1. The System of Numeration of Synthesis; Dividing the Controls of External Emergence

    2. Circles of External Control and Motors 56. -57. -58.

    3. Clauses Governing the Return

    4. Demarcating the Systems of Emergence; Contracts of Secralisation


I Prerequisites to Approaching a System of Unitary Numeration

    1. The Pull from Forces of the Matter

    2. Junction of the Motors of Life

    3. How to Render a Body Apt to Be Unified to a Circuit of Synthesis

II Will of Return

    1. Control over a Contract of Unitary Insertion, and Imperious Mutants

    2. Codification of Lunar Insertion; Gathering of External Emergence

    3. Desire of Return, and the Sense of Continuity

    4. Sumerian Numeration in the Worlds of Force

    5. Nurmelisation

    6. Systems of Sumerian Essence Passing through the World of Form

    7. Descent in Pits; Accuracy in the Plane of Force

III The After-Life State - Process of Return

    1. Transfer in the After-Life World

    2. Rebuilding one's Inserted Network

    3. Frame of Unified Transfer

    4. Hope of Transfer and Body of Light

    5. Propping up the Biological Body; Terminal Codification

    6. Execution of the System of External Emergence; Consiguration

    7. Physical Body, a Door of Life

    8. Transformation of the Physical Body for Sumerian Attuning

    9. Shunt of Space-Time Portions; Signal of Elevation

    10. The Sense of Unity and Totality Prevailing on the Gods' Antenna


I Operation of Synthetic Unitary Transfer

    1. Contact with a Higher Dimension and Immediate Transfer

    2. Inner Transfer and Contact-10.

    3. Reinsertion of the System of Synchronised Emergence

    4. Contracts of Insestor and Contract of Lunera Insertion

    5. Codification on a Complete Antenna of Integrality

    6. Connection to a Signature of Synthetic Emergence

    7. Shunt of Numeration and Contract of Insertion

    8. Opening one's Door of Elevation

    9. Orgastam Mothership

II Systems of Lunar Insertion

    1. Integral Numeral Transformation

    2. Numeration of Insertion and Lunera Representation

    3. Numeration of External Emergence Attuned to the Numerator of Integrality

    4. Bo-85. and Motors of Slaughter-85.

    5. The Distribution of Energies over a Network

    6. Transformation of the Numerator of Insertion

    7. Unitary Normalisation

    8. Intermediary Space-Time Portions of Connection

    9. Motors of External Emergence

    10. Transformation of Ether-4.

    11. Programmes of Slaughter and Lunera Contract

    12. Intervention of Sumerian Vessels

    13. Putting a Planet in Order Again.


I Intervention in Extreme Zones

    1. The Descent of Vessels in Heavy Zones

    2. Programme of Emergence in a Zone of Inferiorisation

    3. The Distribution of Powers Unlikely to be Integrated

    4. Codification of Extremely Remote Circuits with Previously-Connected Mutants of Imperious Figure

    5. A Complete Organ of Integrality

    6. Junction of the Motors of External Emergence on a Configuration of Sumerian Essence

    7. Re-interiorisation of the Systems of External Emergence

    8. Incarnation of the Systems of Numeration on an Antenna of Synthetic Transfer

    8. System of Structure Epsilon-208.

    9. Pre-programmed Weaves of Imperious Figure

    10. How to Build Architectural Systems of Emergent Correlation

II The Clauses of Immortal Transformation and Last Judgement


I The Junction of External Systems

    1. Junction of Non-unified Systems of External Emergence

    2. The Junction of Figures Apt to be Sumerianly Integrated

    3. Non-unifiable Exterior Systems of Centralisation ; Xerozation

    4. Mass Systems versus Systems Having an Inner Emergence

    5. Initiation Ieros-6.

II Junction of the Matter to the Network of the Unity

1. Inner Encounter with the Circuits of the Inner Unity

2. Emergent Body and Future Circles of Power

3. Zones of External Emergence Moving Through Time

4. Elements Needed for the Triggering-off of an Operation of Transfer

5. Prasseotic System, and the Transformation of the Plane of Form.


I Connection and Treatment of Systems of Imperious Figure

    1. A Signature of Tentacle-like Emergence

    2. Unitary Synthetic Codification

    3. The Signature of North-South Systems

    4. Role of the System of Physical Formalisation

    5. Systems of Imperious Emergence that are Connected but Unlikely to be Integrated

    6. Preparing the Controls of External Energy

    7. The Configuration of Synthetic Numeration

    8. Zones of Peace; Agreement with the Gods

II Destruction of Systems Unlikely to be Integrated

    1. A Codification of Sumerian Essence as far as the Formal Plane

    2. Why Initiate New Space-Time Zones?

    3. Motors of Slaughter-84. and the Coming-out of Planes of Destruction

    4. Surgical Demarcation of Elements Apt to be Unified.

III Man-Woman Junction on an Antenna of Numeration

    1. Intervention of a Man in a Numeration of Synthesis

    2. Mutant of Internal Unity on an Antenna of Numeration of Synthesis.


I Configuration of a System of Numeration of Synthesis

    1. Transformations to be Achieved by the System of Form

    2. Transmutation of Insertion of a Code of Internal Unity

    3. Direct Transfer without Exterior Dissemination

    4. Differential Space-Time Portions

    5. Accelerated Contract of Return in Numeral Junction

    6. The Process of Insertion into a Signal of Numeration of Synthesis

    7. Imperious Emergent Contracted Being

    8. Non-Connectable Operations of External Emergence

    9. Fascination for the Powers of External Emergence

    10. The Door of a System of Numeration

    11. Co-ordinated Signatures Sent for the Awakening of Individuals

    12. Penetration through the Systems of Imperious Figures: Zircons

    13. Operation of Numeration of Synt
    hetic Unity

II Organs of Re-centralisation

    1. The Transformation of Signatures in External Systems

    2. Emergence of a Mutant of Sumerian Insertion

    3. Acceleration of the Energy Field through the Regrouping of Individuals

    4. Presidential Formations and Regroupings of Powers

    5. The Internal Unity's Choice of Transfer


I Transformation of the Matter in a Process of Transfer

    1. Mutant of Unitary Insertion; Epsilon-208. and 256.

    2. Numeral Transformation of Space-Time Portions; Process of Numeration of Insertion

    3. Sentimentalised Space-Time Portions

    4. Antenna of Imperious Emergence : the Danger of Hooking on Lorses

    5. Hookings in the Processes of Unfinished Transformation

    6. Completing a Numeration of Sumerian Insertion

    7. Lunar Gordages and Material Transmissions

    8. Substantial Numeral Transformation in Resonance with the Matter

II Codings of Light

    1. Codings of Light and Metallian Motors

    2. Emergent Contracts of a Powerful Type

    3. Difficulty of Enframing when in Transfer on Excessively Exterior Antennas

    4. Junction of Signatures of Synthetic Emergence

    5. Tightening-up of Numeration; Transformations of Mutant

    6. Motor of Transfer ; Part of Mutant

Chapter 87: MOTOR OF LIFE

I The Programme of Transfer of Human Life

    1. Programme of Transfer and Codifications of Synthetic Emergence

    2. Obstacles to the Junction with Unity induced by Wrong Education Processes

    3. Codification According to Life Circumstances in the Form

    4. System of Transformation of a Reconnected Formal System

    5. Operation of Transfer across Billions of Years

    6. Codification on the Plane of Life; Signature of the Network of Synthetic Energy

    7. The Grip of Worlds of Power on Formal Bodies

    8. The Problem of Death for the Motor of Life

    9. Living up the Totality of the Formal Vehicle.

II Network of Unitary Insertion

    1. The Bodyguards in Antennas of Power

    2. Inferiorisation of Non-integrable Contracts into Zones of Transformation

    3. Control over the Numerations of Exteriority

    4. Transfer of Insertion

    5. The Recording of Powers likely to Be Initiated ; Imperious Mitrals

    6. Hookings of Power and Motors of Science of Light.


I Transformation of Space-Time Portions

    1. Transforming the Space-Time Portions until they Are Apt to be Integrated and Unified

    2. Sumerian Intervention and Codifier of Unitary Unification

    3. Amelioration, Transformation and Transferisation

    4. Conditions for Functionality of a Numeral Kind.

II Descent to Hell

    1. Space-Time Portions Severed from the Unity

    2. Infernal Zones

    3. The Risk of Destruction in Under-Human Zones of Power

    4. The Upsurge of Figures Descended into Power; Sonar

    5. The Imperious Codification of Beings Drifting on Zones of Power

    6. Non-Unifiable Zones of Power; Diversion into Planes of Destruction

    7. Changing Oneself in order to Process Non-unifiable Imperious Systems

III Ascending from Hell

    1. The Messengers, and the Systems of Emergence of Return

    2. Destruction of Tough Space-Time Zones

    3. Systems of Emergence in Extremely Tough Zones


I Resonance with the Southern-Cross

1. Approaching the Truth through the Transformation of Mundanity

2. Orientation of a Creature through Choice

3. The Powers over Matter According to Distance from the Unity of Synthesis

4. Clauses of Numeration to Be Unified to the Sumerian Synthesis

5. Terminated Contract in Zones of Force: Crucial Resonance

6. System of Ar-Transfer and Crucian-Networks

II The Creation of an Antenna of Transferisation

1. Disconnection between Accelerated Unitary Systems and Slow Imperious Systems

2. Motors of Imperious Figure and Sumerian Synchronisation

3. Demarcation From Systems of External Emergence

4. Zones of Transferisation and Transformation

5. Separation through Pressurisation, and Progression into Fields of Condensation.

III The Prophecy of Return

1. Signing a Codification of Imperious Figure

2. The Treatment of the Fields of Light of Externality

3. Tip of Imperious Numeration and Tip of Unification


I Transmutation of the System of Life- The Being's Vehicles

    1. The Junction of Motors of Life to the Unitary Synthesis

    2. Numeration of Unitary Insertion; Body of Death-13.

    3. The Formalised Being's Fourteen Vehicles

    4. The Signatures of an Inner Contactee

    5. The Codification of a System of Transfer

II Transforming the Intermediary Consciousness

    1. Junction by Means of the Creature's Own Internal Effort

    2. Codification of Imperious Figure

    3. Setting up a Circle of Transmitter

III Numeration of Unitary Insertion

    1. Configuration of a Numerator of Unitary Insertion; Lorse-8426.

    2. Transfer of Insertion of Light

    3. Rhythms of Transmutation in Agreement with the Contract of Insertion

    4. Setting up a Configured System of Synthetic Emergence

    5. Guarantee of Intergalactic-3.

    6. Synchronisation of Systems in Fact-4.

    7. Zone of Power in the Plane of Inferior Beings.


I Incarnation in Zones of Beauty, Wealth or Power

    1. Twist of the Body of External Emergence

    2. Preparation of the Energy Field through the Anteriors

    3. Mutation Started thousands Years ago

    4. The Trap of Power

    5. A Transfer achieved in Extremely Difficult Zones

    6. A Previously-built Organ of Imperious Figure

    5. Stylet of Numeration; Tornadory-80042

II Constitution of a Configuration of Unitary Insertion

    1. Rebellion in the Plane of Intermediary Beings

    2. Rebellion and Inferior Hooking

    3. Principle of a Codification of Unitary Insertion

    4. When Formal Vehicles are Used by Disincarnate Entities

    5. Control of Emergence Systems and Normalisation

    6. Work of the Synchronisation System

    7. Consistency of a Qualitative Central Transfer Unit


I The Origin and Programme of Return of the Body of Form

    1. Physical and Energetic Constitution of the Body out of the Unitary Synthesis

    2. Body of Energy, Inner Subtle Vehicle

    3. Management of the Physical Body when the Body of Energy is Involved

    4. Capacity of Normalisation of Figures through the Physical Body

    5. Transfer of Transmigration

    6. Prerequisites for the Transformation of an Individual

    7. Diamond Wedding, Transfer onto the Unity of Synthesis

    8. Numeration of Intergalactic-3.

    9. Channel of Direct Correlation with the Numeration of Synthesis

    10. Numeration of Unitary Insertion on Disconnected Planets

    11. Codification of Numeration to Prepare the Being's Future Incarnations

    12. Signing One's Transfer before the End of Life.

II Completing the System of Transfer

    1. Constitution of the Vehicle according to the Transfers that Must Be Carried out on External or Imperious Systems

    2. Relations with the System of Emergence: Sleeping Survivors

    3. Zone of Flexibility and Choice at the Fringes of the Internal Unity

    4. Choosing between a Solitary Process and a Co-ordinated Process of Unification

    5. Process of Transformation in a Co-ordinated Group

    6. Importance of a Guide of Numeration of Synthesis

    7. Transfer in a Zone of Internal Unitary Numeration

    8. Power of Interdimensional Transfer

    9. Distinguishing between that which Is the Return and that which Is not

    10. Correlation with an Internal Unitary Dimension.

III Interdimensional Action of the Body of Form

    1. An Energy Chain of Interdimensional Transfer

    2. The Interdimensional Action of a Being on Mission on Several Planets

    3. The Unconscious Use of Individuals in a Chain of Transfer

    4. Leaving Non-operational Zones

    5. Suppression of the Physical Body

    6. Taming of Numeration

    7. Body of Interiority

    8. Nervous System of the Unity of Synthesis.

IV How to Treat the Physical Body after Death

    1. Burial of the Body, a Situation in an Intermediary Zone

    2. Diffusion over a Zone of Exteriority, and Destruction by Fire

    3. A Self-realised Being Consciously Destroying his Own Formal Body

    4. Dematerialization of the Physical Body

    5. Creation of the Vehicle of Light.


I Contract of Integralisation

    1. Organ of Unitary Insertion and External Emergence

    2. Codification of External Unity Attuned to the Numerator of Insertion

    3. Creation of a Codifier of Insertion

    4. System of Integralisation.

II Codification of Unitary Insertion- Mastery over Power through Consciousness

    1. Setting up a Codification of Insertion

    2. Mastrers of Power and Mutants of Imperious Figure

    3. Codification on Antennas of Power

    4. A Contractee of the Unity of Synthesis

    5. Subtilisation of Energy and Luminous Appearances


I Building one's Vehicle of Immortality

    1. Junction of the Inferior System

    2. Creation of an Energy System Adjoining the Biological Body

    3. Building the System of Unitary Emergence above the Biological Body

    4. Demarcation of the System of Inferior Mutant

    5. Signature on the Terminal; Building the Imperious Emergent Vehicle

II Configuration of a Complete System of Sumerian Insertion

    1. Lunera Re-insertions

    2. Centralisation of Circles of Power

    3. Creation of a Sumerian Network of Insertion

    4. Circle of Synthesis

    5. Pre-Channelling the Circuits of Imperious Emergence

III Constitution of the Council-18

    1. Creation of a Council of the Imperious Unity

    2. Connection of the Systems of Imperious Figure

    3. Creation of a Council in Inferior Zone

    4. Repatriation of Seternel Forces in a Quantitative System


I Transfer of Synthesis and Lunera Insertion

    1. Transmutation of Systems of Inferne Power

    2. Synthetic Transfer: Precision Above, Outside and Below

    3. Elimination of Excessively Scattered Circuits

    4. The Righteous; System of Numeration-56. -57. -5

II Contact with New Fields of Power

    1. Control over a Widely-extended System of Power

    2. Field of Transfer in an External Emergent Zone

    3. Insertion of a Transformation of Emergence in an Imperious System of Co-ordination with the System of Numeration of Synthesis; External Control

    4. Control over Circuits of Exteriorisation

    5. Access to Stocks of Condensed Energies in Seternel Zones

    6. Envelope of Condensed Energy in the Inferior Part of the Power System

III Creation of a System of External Numeration around the Numerator of Interiority

    1. The Embedding of Numerators in Imperious Zones

    2. Inferior Circuits Hooked on Exterior Systems

    3. Interiorisation of Exterior Systems

    4. A Programme of Synthesis between Imperious and External Systems

    5. The Arrivals of Exterior Emergence of Transfer in a Group

    6. Old Figures and Imperious Mutants

    7. Building the System of Internal Transmitter

    8. Operations of Emergence in a Transfer of Eternel Figure

    9. Separating the Systems Apt to be Interiorised from Exterior Systems.

IV The Transmitting Device of the Heart

    1. Subtle Heart, and Unification with the Sumerian Synthesis

    2. The Awakening of Circuits Likely to Be Integrated into the Antenna of the Elders.


I Operation of Planetary Reconnection ; The Code of Numeration of Synthesis

    1. Insertion of a System of Sumerian Transfer

    2. Complete Interdimensional Transfer ; The Problem of Disconnection

    3. The Junction of Systems of Numeration to a System of Synthetic Transfer

    4. Equilibrium between Exteriorisations and Imperious Hookings

    5. Coding of Light and Integrated Transfer.

II Clauses Governing Contact with the Unitary Synthesis

    1. Body of Numeration and Energy-Substance-Matter Correlation

    2. Movement of the Contract of Insertion into an Antenna of Sumerian Essence

    3. Definition of the Numerator of Insertion of Imperious Figure

    4. Network of Unitary Insertion


I Transfer of Unitary Insertion

    1. Collecting the Scattered External Configurations

    2. Transforming one's Imperious System into a System Apt to Be Integrated

    3. Demarcating Integrable Space-Time Portions

    4. Transferring the North-South

    5. Avoiding Dispersions of Emergence

    6. Increasing the Numerator of Unitary Insertion to Strengthen one's Beam of Numeration of Synthesis

    7. Conforming the Extreme Numeration to the Numeration of Synthesis

II Ensign of Initiatory Transfer

    1. Contract of Unitary Insertion and Demand of Synthetic Transfer

    2. Elevation and Transformation of one's Hookings of Imperious Emergence

    3. Releasing Oneself from Hookings of Imperious Emergence: The Vow of Poverty

    4. Centralisation of the Systems of External Emergence through the System of Imperious Emergence

    5. Operation of Total Synthetic Numeration

    6. Intervention of the Mastrers

    7. Creation of a Platform of Light

    8. Configuration of Imperious Figure attuned to a Signature of Integrated Numeration

    9. Passage from National Dimension to International Dimension

    10. Centre of Imperious Mutants and North-South Configuration attuned to the Line of Immortality

    11. Ensign of Initiatory Transfer


I The Monitoring of a Planet by Other Dimensions

    1. Regulating the Transfers between Subtle and Condensed Systems

    2. Creation of Zones of Subtlety

    3. Exactionary Space-Time Portions

    4. Junction to the System of Unity of Synthesis

    5. Distributing the Energies in a Co-ordinated Group

    6. Maintaining Unitary Junction in spite of Planetary Disconnection

    7. Codification of Sumerian Essence Done by an Effort of Adequacy

    8. Passing the Narrow Door from Externel to Eternel Levels; Orver-626.

    9. Signing a Terminal Contract on the Antenna of the Chosen

II The Treatment of Zones of Destruction

    1. Mastering the Plane of one's Own Total Destruction

    2. Polarisation between Dark Imperious Transfer and Luminous Higher System

    3. Purification Programme through Destruction

    4. Quotient of Numeration: Equilibrating the Numerator with the Denominator

    5. Rising out of one's Power Hookings

    6. Departure and Return while Keeping the Alliance with the Unity.


I Preparation for Dematerialization of the Physical Body

II Transcendence: An Inner Science


I The Treatment of Non-Numbered Imperious Hookings

II A Consciousness-Power Configuration in a Planetary Field

    1. Transformation of the Networks; the Management of Power

    2. Setting up Enframings on a Widely-extended Network

    3. The Transformation of Matter towards Spirit, and of Spirit Towards Matter

    4. Demarcating one's System in the Planetary Field

    5. Systems of Division of an Excessively Heavy Figure

    6. The Release of Systems of Power from Excess Condensation

    7. Imperious Junctions

    8. New Configuration and Superior-Interior-Exterior-Inferior Consistency.


I How To Reconnect One's Dimension of Power To The Unitary Synthesis

    1. Transformation of Energies through the Physical Body

    2. Numeration of Unitary Insertion towards the Above through the Physical Body

    3. Disconnection between the System of Power and the Higher Dimension

    4. Organisation of an Ascending Tube - Resonance of the Unitary Father, or of the Universal Mother; P60

II Contact of Light towards the Terminal Core of the Matter

    1. Inferiorising Stream of Non-unifiable Powers

    2. Transformation of Powers through Systems of External Numeration

    3. Concrete Expression of the System of Light

    4. Axis of Vibral Transfer as far as the Terminal Heart

    5. Creation of the Organ of Insertion of Limit

    6. Sumerian Light until the Terminal, and Hostage of Transfer

    7. Crystal of Resonance between the Creator Father and the Creative Mother

    8. Limit of the Creator Spirit's Creative Sparkle

    9. Triggering a Response from the Terminal and Bringing it ATRÁS through the Channel of Internal Transfer

    10. Distillation of Vibral Liquid Energy

III Mastering Your Lifestyle by Means of Your Mental Consciousness

    1. Re-integration towards a Higher Dimension, or Return into a Zone of Power

    2. Work of the Personal Mental Consciousness

    3. Conceiving the Limit of one's System of Mastery

    4. Contact with Externel Systems: Passionate Couple Relationships

    5. Systems A and B, Externel Mutants, Imperious Unitary Numeration and Sublimated Power

    6. Repatriation of Executed Circuits of External Emergence

    7. Movement of Systems Recentralised by a Physical Body


I Collecting Divided Space-Time Portions

    1. Operations Parallel to Human Life

    2. Precognitive Dream, and the Awareness of Figures Existing on other Planes

    3. Participating in other Dimensions through Levels of Subtlety

    4. Space-Time Portions Codified by a Signature of Synthetic Numeration

    5. Non-unifiable Divided Space-Time Portions

II Creation of a Unitary Field

    1. Space-Time Action of a Signal Transferred onto a Re-coded Unity

    2. Creation of a Space-Time Field from the Universal Vibral World

    3. Experience Field Within a Selective Space

    4. Field of Internal Homogeneity surrounded by an Experience Field

    5. Phase of Expansion, and Phase of Re-Interiorisation

    6. Pre-Homogeneity of the Beams of Responsible Disciples

    7. Field of Unitary Transfer and Transferisation

    8. Re-centralisation and Liberation of Unitary Fields-1. And


I Transformation of the System of Mutant

    1. The Transformer System of the Physical Body

    2. Arousing External Systems

    3. Dissimilarity of Evolution Rhythms Related to the Condensation Rate

    4. Communication between Worlds Having Different Vibratory Levels

    5. Creation of a System of Transformation in Different Stages

    6. Transformation of the Systems of Imperious Numeration

II Signature of Complete Transfer

    1. Internel-Seternel Line of Communication

    2. Re-centralisation of Eternel and Externel Emergences

    3. A Synthesis of Internel, Eternel, Externel and Seternel Elements

    4. Reintegrating the Soul inside a Substantial Demarcation

    5. Elevation out of Systems of Compression and Burst

    6. Time Line of Communication between Space and Timelessness

    7. Building one's Pyramidal Stabilising Support


I A Place for Connection with the Network of the Unity of Synthesis

    1. Conditions of Intergalactic-3., and Plane of Unitary Emergence

    2. A Programme of Numeration on a Dead Planet

    3. Journeying out of the Formal System and Entering a Network of the Unity of Synthesis

    4. Transformation of the System of Numeration of Synthesis

    5. Soaring of Mystical Love of a Light-and-Devotion Type

    6. Tensions between Re-centralisation and Vital Spreading-Out

    7. Tension between the Numeration of Synthesis and the External Emergence

    8. Last Judgement and the Strive for Return

    9. Coming out of Cycles of Rebirth

II Initiatory Unitary Transfer and Inder-4

    1. Guilty of Destruction: Absorption of Energies of Synthesis into Zones of Slaughter

    2. Recasting Zones

    3. Initiatory Unitary Transferisation until the Systems of Power

    4. Systematic Processing of Non-unifiable Figures

    5. Complete Signature, or Execution on Exterior and Inferior Zones

    6. Professors of the World of Form, and Non-synthetic Incomplete Emergence

    7. Deceit of Eternel and Externel Disconnected Systems

    8. Transfer of Inder-4. and Demarcation of the System of Power

    9. How to Become a Celestial Being, a Priest of the Unity


I Synthetic Quintessence of the Tree of Life

    1. Ensign of the Inner Antenna

    2. Reaping the Fruit of the Tree of Life

    3. Fusical System: Fusion of the Physical System on Subtle Worlds

II Creator-Creature-Creation Signature of Synthesis

    1. Polarisation of the Creature between the Creator and the Creation

    2. Contact with a Master of the Unity of Synthesis

    3. Incarnate Being: A Crossroads for Creator-Creature-Creation Synthesis

    4. Consciously Approaching the Intra-Universal Centre-Source

    5. Human Being: a Temple Managed by Consciousness

    6. Permanent Contact with Inner Accuracy and Desire of Return

    7. Sister and Father


I Passing Across the Borderline of Disconnection

    1. Energy Quitus of the Body of Life

    2. Configuration of Relations between Head and Body

    3. Utilisation of the Gross: a System of Control for the Preservation of the Subtle

    4. Setting up a Filter in the Middle of the Borderline of Disconnection

    5. Subtle Gaseous Energies surpassing the Borderline

    6. Negotiation with the Systems of Control of External Emergence, and with Planetary Surveyors

II Creating a Lock-Chamber for Interdimensional Transfer

    1. Relations to Earth, Ignition by the Central Fire

    2. Arrival of Souls Wanting to Attend the School of Earth

    3. Physical Body: an Earth-Humankind System to be Transmuted

    4. Respect of the Double Ascending-Descending Cosmic Stream

    5. Becoming a Reference Point for Subtle Circuits

    6. Filtering and Opposing Zone, Maintenance of a Frontier of Disconnection

    7. Strengthening the Streams of Unitary Reinsertion

    8. Giving a Support to Subtle Circuits

    9. Direct Contact between Mortal and Immortal Consciousness

    10. Transubstantiation


I Collecting a Configuration of the Unity of Synthesis

    1. Resonance with the Unity through the Universe and the Multiple

    2. Treating the Contracts of External Energy under a Quintessencialise Form

    3. Danger of Dispersion on Excessively Widely-extended Configurations

    4. Transformation of the Energy of Synthesis on Systems of Exteriority

    5. Bringing a More Subtle and Unitary Antenna Together

    6. The Treatment of Space-Time Portions Attuned to Heavy Zones

    7. Tendification, Tension Towards Unification

    8. Council-X13.

    9. Problems of Transfer for the Bodies of External Emergence

    10. A Race of Light

    11. Complete Contract and Miniaturisation of the Programmes

    12. Temptation by Systems of Light that Are still Immature

    13. Reconnecting at least the Four-Fifths of one's Codification to the Unity of Synthesis

II The Making of Experiential Systems in the Worlds of Form

    1. Necessity of Treating the Experiential World without Moving it

    2. Trial-Experiment and Model of Transfer

    3. Utilisation of a System of Experiential Study

III Operation of Numeration of Unitary Insertion

    1. Junction of Increasingly Imperious Figures

    2. Need for Accuracy, or Risk of Being Diverted by Bodies of External Energy

    3. The Being's Contact with its System of Imperious Numeration

    4. Treatment of the Being's Original Systems; Nurene-


I Collecting Systems of External Energy

    1. Being in Tune with the Moment, an Inner Time

    2. Codings of Return

    3. Designator of External Transfer and Energetic Control

    4. Organising the Continuation of one's System of Transfer

    5. Diversions and Inversions in the Fields of Quantity

    6. Signature of Sumerian Essence and Transfer of Unitary Insertion

II Recapitulation of Imperious Numerations ; The Fruition

    1. Dreams, a Correlation with Remote Powers

    2. Network of Emerging Numeration and Imperious Connections

    3. Materialisation-Dematerialization; An Energetic Matter Protecting the Inner Child

    4. Transfer of Power through Heavy Social Structures

    5. Integrating one's Signal upon a Dimension of Numeration of Synthesis

    6. Full Use of the Physical Body

    7. Promoting Fruition of Your Talent in the Plane of God


I How to Deal with the Formal Body after Death

    1. Inferior Numerations Related to the Type of Formal Death

    2. Burial or Cremation of the Physical Body

    3. The Repatriation of External System after Death

    4. Importance of the Surroundings in the Moment of Death

    5. Choice of a Suitable System of Transfer

    6. The Resorption of External Systems, and the Re-integration of Imperious Systems

    7. Contact with the Field of Transitional Beings, and Transubstantiation

II Survival out of the Planes of Inferior Figure

    1. Insertion into the System of the Unity Intergalactic-3.

    2. Necessary Construction of a Sumerian Essence within Oneself


I Unification of Figures Inserted in Different Programmes

    1. Co-ordination and Partial Reinsertion of the Systems of Power

    2. A Programme of Transfer Matching the Codifications in Place

    3. How to Filter Remote Systems that Must be Repatriated

    4. Controlling the Ejaculating Scattered Systems

    5. Creation of a Unitary Council

    6. Anti-polarisation of the Signatures of Extreme Energy

II Transformation of Light for Imperious Systems

    1. Necessary Pre-Selection of the External Emergences

    2. Dissolution of Imperious Energies into a Female-like System of External Energy

    3. Transfer from an Externel System to an Eternel System

    4. Transforming the Darkness into the Light then into the Word

    5. When the Imperious Line crosses the Externel then the Eternel Systems towards the Sumerian Essence


I Operation of Reduction of the Imperious System

    1. Contracts of External Energy and Imperious Numeration

    2. Signal of Synthetic Transfer

    3. The Creation of External and Imperious Emergent System

    4. Imperious Contract of Energy on Antennas of Extreme Numeration

    5. Network of Extreme Energy and Network of Synthetic Energy

II The Processing of Configurations Underlying the Imperious System

    1. Contracts of Imperious Energy in Synthetic Transfer

    2. Completing the Contracts of Unitary Numeration

    3. The Transformation of Space-Time Portions Apt to be Normalised

    4. Changing a Codification of Imperious Numeration

    5. The Repatriation of Systems of Extreme Emergence onto the Axis of Imperious Numeration


I Remanent Transfer

    1. The Setting-up of Systems of Transfer Exterior to a Figure Under Operation

    2. Intervention of the Motors X13.

    3. The Phenomenon of Remanent Transfer

    4. Intergalactic Unitary Transfer, and Apparitions of Light

    5. Creating Lines of Imminent Numeration

II Creation of a Configuration of Unitary Insertion

    1. Unitary Co-ordination, and Permanent Sumerian Numeral Codification

    2. The Gradual Transformation of Co-ordinated Beings

    3. Stabilisation on Mecanian, Metallian and Metralian Elements

    4. The Extension of Unitarily Attuned System of External Energy

    5. Necessity of Exteriorization for the Treatment of Widely-extended Systems

    6. The Spacing and Re-balancing of External Numerations

    7. Double Polarisation of the Numerators of External Numeration

    8. Leaving certain Teachings behind as a Signature of Re-centralisation

    9. Specification of a Limit-like Field for each Individual

    10. Mastery through Life, Love and Consciousness

III Energetic-Subtle Mortals

    1.Taking Care of Invisible Circuits while Taking Care of Formal Circuits

    2. Danger of Having one's Figures Absorbed into Imperious Powers

    3. Information, and the Re-Ordering of Energetic-Subtle Mortals

    4. Space-Time Portions of Nullification

    5. Passage from the Formal State into the Subtle State

    6. Relationships according to Weight and Measure

    7. Agreement between Subtle Circuits and Formal Circuits


I The Realisation of a Contract of Imperious Figure beyond the Substantial System

    1. External and Imperious Transfers attuned to the System of Internal Numeration

    2. Transfer of a Duros Type

    3. Co-ordinators of Power below the Substantial System

    4. Computers and Mecanian Systems that can be Educated by Sumerian Systems

    5. Utilisation of a Self-learning Memory-track Computer

    6. Direct Sumerian Connection

    7. Collecting one's Configuration of Incarnation: Perfecting and Miniaturisation Systems

    8. An Educational System Enabling the Being to Better Specify its Own Characteristics

II Configuration of Extreme Energy

    1. Constitution of the Exterior Body, and Intermediary Treatment

    2. Intervention of the System of Synthetic Transfer of Light in Extreme Zone

    3. Codification of the Unity of Synthesis - Faith


I Equilibrium between the System of External Emergence and the Imperious Numeration

    1. The Building of the Formal Body Done from Other Dimensions

    2. Collecting a Configuration of External Emergence

    3. Complete Repatriation towards the Internal Unitary Numeration

    4. A Contract of External Emergence Matching the Imperious System

    5. Creation of the P4., Common System of Imperious Numeration

    6. Tensions of External Emergence

II Multi-layered Contract of Numeration of Synthesis

    1. The Destruction of Systems Unlikely to Be Attuned; the P4. Number Two

    2. Zone-2: a New System of External Numeration Re-centralised by a New System of Imperious Numeration

    3. Connection between System Number-1. and System Number-2.

    4. A Contacted-Figure Building the P4. Number Two

    5. Conformity of Zone-2. with the Previous System of Unitary Numeration in Zone-1.

    6. Newly Formulated Contract of Numeration of Synthesis, and Co-ordination from one Floor into Another


I Treatment of External and Extreme Systems

    1. Organising the Transfer of External and Inferne Elements

    2. Difficulty in the Processing of Extreme Motors

    3. Deteriorisation of the Terminal System, Drift and Disconnection

    4. Anti-polarisation between Several Systems of External Emergence

    5. Controlling Figure and System of Numeration of Synthesis

II Working in Agreement with the System of Numeration of Synthesis

    1. Creation of the Numerator of Integration

    2. Decompressing the Systems of Imperious Figure

    3. Control of Extreme Energy and Numerator of Combined Synthesis

    4. Combination of Mecanian, Metallian and Metralian Systems

    5. Signal of Terminal Imperious Numeration

    6. System of Extreme Emergence Attuned to the System of Numeration of Sumerian Essence

III Codification between the Extra-Universe and the Intra-Universe

    1. Contracts of Numeration

    2. Interdimensional Transferisation of Co-ordinated Numerators of Internal Unity

    3. Changes of Codification between Extra-Universe and Intra-Universe

    4. Release of Sumerian Systems from Condensed Worlds

    5. Transfer of Internal Unitary Numeration

    6. Crossing of the Circuit of Synthesis all the Way through towards the Intra-Universe

    6. Voyage of the Prodigal Son

    7. Necessity to Follow the Inspiration Coming from Higher Dimensions

    8. Unification within a Matrix System for the Repatriation to Another Dimension

    9. Perfection of the Intra-Universe

    10. Becoming a Son of the Intra-Universal Creator


I A Double Stream: Diverting the Heavy Systems, and Recording the Unitary Systems

    1. Daily Transmutation of Inferior Figures Pulling the Human Being down

    2. Hostages of Power

    3. How to Put Something or Someone in one's Place in Planes of Power

II Synthetic Unitary Codification in Imperious Zones

    1. "Alleluiah": The Thrust of Figures from Darkness into Light

    2. Philosophical and Mental Systems that do not Treat the Powers

    3. Delineating the Systems of Power

    4. Intervention through the Relaying-links of Codes of External Transfer Attuned to the Internal Unity

    5. Using one's Root to Grow onto Another Dimension

    6. Mastering the Complete Demarcation of the Imperious System


I How to Treat Powers that Cannot Be Numbered

    1. Numeration of Exterior Systems and of Remote Imperious Systems

    2. Treaty of Light and Exterior Treaty

    3. Contact with the Body of Extreme Energy

    4. Twist of Energy and Clash Transfers

    5. Movements of Systems of Extreme Emergence in a Situation of Inner Transfer

    6. The Transformation of Systems of Imperious Figure

    7. Intervention of the X13. Systems and Miniaturisation: The Principle of Transistors

II Destroying one's Death: Mastery over Condensation in the very Core of the Matter

    1. Decision to Kill one's Death

    2. Negation of Negativity by Negativity: Principle of the Atomic Bomb

    3. The Release of all that Cannot be Reconnected

    4. Repatriation of the Contract of Extreme Emergence

    5. Treatment of the Matter by the Matter

    6. Mastery over Explosive Tensions through Power-Matter Polarisation


I Numbered Beings: Systems in Counterbalance between Matter and Anti-matter

    1. Contracts of the Unity of Synthesis in Counterbalance between Matter and Anti-matter

    2. Synthetic Unitary Codification in Permanent Contract of Numeration

    3. Configuration of Imperious Figure attuned to the Signature of a Contract between Matter and Anti-matter

    4. Counterbalance between Material and Anti-material Networks of Extreme Energy; Facing the Infinite

    5. Interventions from Other Worlds

II Bringing Matter and Anti-matter Close Together

    1. Approach of an Extreme Circuit of Synthesis Connected to the Terminal Numerator of Imperious Figure

    2. Organising an Encounter between Matter and Anti-matter

    3. Polarisation through the Contribution of a Ber System: Edge of the Universe

    4. Moving from a Planetary System to a Universal System

    5. Balance between Structure and Energy in the Material System as in the Anti-material System


I The Treatment of Contracts of Extreme Energy

    1. Agreement between Extreme Systems and External Systems

    2. Numbering on X13. Zones and on Metralian Systems

    3. Normalisation of External Systems

II Distinguishing between Numbered and Non-numbered Systems

    1. Extreme Numerator attuned to the Circuit of Sumerian Essence

    2. Pseudo-Truths in Intermediary Zones; the Contract of Internal Unitary Numeration

    3. Very Powerful Contacted-Figure; Perceiving the Intra-Universal Weaves

    4. Drifted-Reconnected Guilty Beings


I Extreme Numerations and the Repatriation of Numbered X13. Portions

    1. Numeration of Exteriority and Extreme Systems

    2. Space-Time Portions Processed by a Unity of Unitary Synthesis

    3. Treatment of New Space-Time Portions Discovered in More Remote Zones

    4. Recentralising Part of the Signature of Imperious Figure on Non-Human Systems of Power

    5. Executing Configuration; Extraction of Numbered X13. Portions

II X13. Systems

    1. Contract of Light, and Pre-Synthesis through Motors X13.

    2. Non-Numbered Space-Time Portions without a Control of External Energy

    3. Surveillance of Continuity over Several Planes

    4. Delegating X13. Systems to Compensate the Disconnection on Exterior Zones

    5. Direct Intervention of the Councils of the Unity when X13. Systems are not Available

    6. Movements of Individuals from a Zone to Another

III The Contacted Figure

    1. The Disappearance of Unsufficiently Prepared Figures

    2. Explosions Provoked by the Division of Exterior Systems

    3. Auric Field, Accumulation of Figures to Be Reinserted

    4. Energetic Continuity Allowing Movement from one Place to Another

    5. Contacted-Figure, an Implosion Zone for Compressed Systems


I Transformation of Non-Numbered Space-Time Portions

    1. The Treatments of Motors of Extremity through an Inner Resonance

    2. Creatures Placed by the Creator in his Paradise to Cultivate very Powerful Space-Time Portions

    3. Numeration of Circuits Signed from an Operational System

    4. Circuits Emerging above the Borderline from the Thrust of Systems of Power under Transformation

    5. Network-6. and Yin-Yang Relationships

    6. Disappearance of X13. Systems because of very difficult Hookings

    7. Non-Numbered Systems of Power; Intervention of the North-South

    8. Apparition of Extraterrestrial Circuits that Are our Planet's X13. systems.

II Treatment of Imperious Systems by a Dimension of Subtlety

    1. Ratios of Seternel-Externel and Eternel-Internel Polarisations

    2. Subtle Codifications in a Plane of Light; Transformations of Power

    3. Clauses Governing the Transmutation of a Wide-Spread System into a Refined Qualitative Dimension

    4. Processing of the Energy Sphere Created by Non-Numbered Systems

    5. Moving Non-Numbered Circuits towards Zones of Subtlety

    6. Zones of Codification Working on very Long Periods of Time

    7. Slowly-Evolving Extreme Networks


I Code of Transfer and Unity of Synthesis

    1. Importance of the Exterior Body for the Setting-up of a Contract of the Unity of Synthesis

    2. Intergalactic Codified System

    3. Unitary Configuration Welded to a Signature of the Unity of Synthesis; Departure of External Numbered Systems to the Outside

    4. Numeration of Extreme Systems by Means of the Light

    5. Division of Non-Numbered Systems; System of Pressurisation

    6. Integration by Means of Mecanian, Metallian and Metralian Relaying Systems

II Numeration of the Terminal above the Borderline

    1. Anti-polarisation of Systems of Power; Treating one's Terminal

    2. Moving Motors of the Unity of Synthesis onto the Signature of Imperious Numeration

    3. Signature of a Code of the Unity of Imperious Figure

    4. Controlling Figure on Remote Systems

    5. Second Level of Pressure; the Building of a North-South; Numeration of Imperious Figure

    6. Networks of the Unity and Circle of Power

    7. Signed Unitary Organ


I Ultimic Numeration

    1. Organisation of Extreme Zones into a Centralising System

    2. Welding Networks of Extreme Energies onto Unitary Antennas

    3. Limit-like Numeration; A Codification on Ultimate Beings

II Infra-Luminous Education versus True Education

    1. Gap between Education and Initiation

    2. Infra-luminous Information

    3. Equilibrating Higher Initiation with Exterior Education

    4. Respecting the Natural Steps of the Being's Development

    5. From Cunning to Intelligence, then to Consciousness: The Path of Return

Chapter 124: ANCESTOR X13

I Ancestor X13

    1. Control of Unitary Numeration; Intervention of the Ancestor X13.

    2. Numeration of Insertion of Light

    3. Code of Transfer-6665

II Unitary Numeration in Direct Transfer

    1. Distribution of Non-Numbered Systems on Remote Zones through the X13. Networks

    2. Normalisation of the Motors of Transfer

    3. Signature of Intergalactic-3. in a Dorsal of Power

    4. Recording Extremely Remote Circuits upon a Signature of Extreme Energy

    5. Intermediary Signatures in a Situation of Potential Transfer

    6. Translators of Imperious Figure and Transductors of Power

    7. Contact with Imperious Substances; Extension of the Extreme Numeration

    8. Creation of an Internal Unitary Numeration until in the Imperious Numeration

    9. Connection of the Imperious Transfer to Systems of External Energy Processed by X13. Systems


I Connection through Systems of Light and Extreme Systems

    1. A Bridge between the Internal Unitary Numeration and the External Plane

    2. Re-insertion of the Systems of Light that Veered off Course into Imperious Systems

    3. Transformation of Controls of Extreme Numeration and Imperious Drift of Non-Reintegrated Systems

    4. External Drift, and Repatriation onto a Unitary Signature of Light

    5. Junction of External Systems to Internal Numerations

    6. Signature of the Unity in an Extreme Zone

    7. Intervention of the Motors X13. ; Codification of Light

II The Signature of Fame

    1. Immediate Movement of Figures of Power towards the Field of Light of Fame

    2. Risk of Explosion through Exteriorisation into an Excessively Widely-extended Field

    3. Welds of Transfer of Light; the Risk of Losing Unitary Figures

    4. Movement of the External Control

    5. Direct Junction of Masters of the External Emergence; Energy Plait


I Field of Consciousness of Light

    1. Creation of Extreme Configurations for the Processing of Heavy Powers

    2. System of Consciousness of Light, and X13. Systems

    3. Giving Concrete Expression to the Circuit Surrounding a System of Light

    4. Numeration of Insertion of an External Emergent Type; the Field of Consciousness of Light

    5. Motors X13. Aligned on a Contacted Welding; A Counterbalance on External Antennas

II The Being's Destiny and Time Synthesis

    1. Signing a Contract of the Internal Unity within the Field of Light

    2. Ascending Subtle Signature Elevated above Time

    3. Time Synthesis, and the Re-centralisation of the Future

    4. Reducing the Field of The Being's Destiny

    5. Junction of the Being with his Interdimensional Future Line

    6. Artificial Acceleration of Certain Beings in a Group

    7. The Projection into an Experience from one's Future, and the Re-Embedding into one's Time Destiny

    8. Speed and Evolution

    9. Time Synthesis

    10. Surpassing the Incarnation

    11. Connection with the Unitary Network


I Communication between the Visible and the Invisible

    1. Continuity between the Creation by the Hand and the Artist's Interiority

    2. The Magic of Artwork, a Bond with the Systems of Consciousness and Power Linked to the Being

    3. Forces of Light and Subtle Creation through Energy-Form Junction

    4. The Power of Reinsertion

II The Hand, an Interdimensional Tool

    1. Exercising the Hands for the Being's Re-unification

    2. Control and Re-insertion of Signatures of Power towards Higher Dimensions

    3. Communication between the Hand and the Bodies of Light; Apparitions in the Sky

    4. Interdimensional Realisation Done by the Hand; Creating in Subtle Planes

    5. Moving Objects from a Distance- Transmutation of the Matter


I Psychic Phenomena

    1. Creation of a Network Attracted by a Strange Phenomenon

    2. Contracts of Power with Energy Systems

    3. Clauses Governing Insertion in the Formal Plane or in the Plane of Light

    4. Energetic Forms and Imperious Forms

    5. Transmutation of the Matter into a Liquid then into Energy

    6. Miracle: a Transfer of Power in a Plane of Synthesis

II Ghosts, and Time Communication

    1. Ghost: A Circuit of Interdimensional Transfer

    2. Time Gap between Form and Consciousness-Energy

Chapter 129: THE BODY OF LIGHT

I Body of Light and Unification

    1. Lunar Light and Body of the Unity

    2. Disappearing towards Permanence

    3. The Code of Light, and the Reinsertion of Powers

    4. The Mind: Lunar Consciousness, an Obstacle to Unitary Resonance

    5. The Unification of Systems of Power; Circles of Life

    6. Energetic Fringe, and the Line of Numeration

    7. The Inner Child: Risk of Dispersion in Heavy Zones

II Networks and Bodies of Power

    1. Intervention of the Body of the Unity on a Remote Planet

    2. The Enhancing of the Cord of Light

    3. Metralian Eutectic Point

    4. Operation of Inner Resonance

    5. Networks Attuned to a Formal Vehicle

    6. Mutants of External Emergence and Mutants of Imperious Figure; Corkanes


I How to Conquer One's Clarity

    1. Making Your Consciousness more Precise and Your Power more Simple

    2. Mastery over one's Power

    3. Contacted-Figure: Connection between the Subtle, the Matter, the Light, and the Consciousness

    4. Letting Excessively Heavy Figures Destroy one another

II The Junction of Remote Powers

    1. Utilisation of an Unconscious System for the Treatment of a very Inferior Power

    2. Sacrifices and Heavy Portions; Urkanes

    3. Reinserting one's Consciousness into a Unique Signature

    4. Living the Contract of the Unity

    5. Bringing one's Body ATRÁS into Internal Transfer on the Unity


I Field of Light and System of Transfer

    1. The Enhancing of Systems of External Numeration Attuned to the System of Transfer

    2. Organising the System of Transfer; External Extension

    3. Information Coming from Planes of Light and from Imperious Planes

II Networks of the Sumerian Synthesis

    1. Construction of the Body of Sumerian Essence

    2. Sumerianisation of the Body of Internal Numeration; Perception of Continuity

    3. Transmutation of the Circuit of Light

    4. Danger of Drift for the Bodies of Numeration of Light

    5. Finding again the Dimension of Internal Unitary Numeration

    6. Working on Mutants of Imperious Figure To Enter the Body of the Unity

    7. Daring to Embody one's Beast to Recover one's Angel


I Numerology : Architectures of Control

    1. Integrated Numeration of Insertion and Codification of Normalisation

    2. A Transferisation Integrated in the System of Imperious Numeration; Creation of the Imperious Numeration

    3. Transmitter of Imperious Emergence and Signature with Lunar Networks

    4. Networks of External Emergence; Slowing System

    5. Numeration of Imperious Figure; The Emerging Inferne Power

    6. Numeric Bubbles: Transitory Architectures of Control and Reserve of Transferisation

II The Setting-up of a Numerator of Insertion on a Formal Figure

    1. A System of Cup of Centralised External Emergence; Inferior Centralisation

    2. Organ of Unitary Insertion: The Lingam in Hindu Tantra

    3. The Formal Vehicle and the Dimension of Synthesis

    4. System of Direct Unitary Transfer Amidst a Yin-Yang Cup

III The Transformation of Wide-Spread Systems of Power

    1. Energetic Functionality of the System of Man and of the System of Woman

    2. Yin or Yang Feature of the Motors of Internal Energy

    3. Homosexuality

    4. Nivere, P60 and Extremely Wide-Spread Systems


I Operation of Transfer of Light

    1. New Powers on Planet Earth and Weather Disturbances

    2. Signature of the Body of Transfer; External Disappearance of Non-Numbered Circuits

    3. Intervention of the Systems of Light in Substantial Bodies

    4. Re-concentration of Systems of Synthesis into a Computer

    5. Zircon and Body of Light

    6. Matter, Energy and Consciousness

    7. Configuration of Initiatory Awakening - Body of Return

II Happiness, a State of Transfer

    1. The Elevation of Powers, and the Acceleration of Destruction

    2. Defining a Zone of Energetic Protection for the Systems of Transfer

    3. Happiness, a Circumstance Allowing to Keep Heavy Systems away

    4. Distributing Heavy Portions and Releasing oneself from Heterogeneous Zones

    5. Transfer: How to Reach Planes of Happiness beyond Heavy Hookings

Chapter 134: EXTREME ZONES

I Extreme Zones, and Heavy Powers likely to be Integrated

    1. Movement of the Being from Inside to Outside; A New Situation of Transfer

    2. Creation of a Limit Surrounding the Inner Signature

    3. The Setting-up of a Programme for the Treatment of one's Hooking to Heavy Powers

    4. Danger of Coming Closer to Extreme Numerations

    5. Setting up a Frame of Transfer around the Internal Numerator

    6. Hooking of a New Niche of Power

    7. Control and Synchronisation

    8. Co-ordinated Substantian, Mecanian, Metallian and Metralian Systems on the Planet

    9. Explosive Systems and Networks of Synchronisation

    10. Integrating Upheavals into a Global Energy Field that Rests upon a Group

    11. Creation of a Movable System to Record Heavy Powers likely to Be Integrated

II Clauses Governing the Reinsertion of Heavy Powers

    1. Collecting Exterior Systems in Correlation with Inferior Systems

    2. Junction Between the Beings' Consciousness and Power; the Internal Unity

    3. Thrust from Systems of Power

    4. Retrieving Bodies of Extreme Numeration under the Form of Mutants

    5. Creating a Condition of Re-insertion

    6. Repatriating Extreme Numerations to Counterbalance a Heavy System

    7. Necessity for a Being to Rise in Order to Become the Dwelling of Higher Circuits

III Body of Light and Extreme Systems

1. Hookings of Heavy Systems on a System of Extreme Numeration

2. Stowage of the Body of Power; Steaming Bodies; the Beginning of the Recasting System

3. Matters of Transfer Separated from Imperious Zones

- Disappearance of Figures Executed by the Body of the Unity


I The Transformation of Powers; Body of Return

    1. The Mighty-one: A Power Linked to a Conscious Being

    2. Intervention in Parallel Planes

    3. Prerequisites for the Integration into a Circuit of Transfer

    4. The Transformation of Powers through Systems Parallel to the Physical Form

    5. Intervention of the Body of Return over Motors of Power

    6. Body of Return: A Substantial Body Impregnated by the Circuit of Light, and Re-centralising all of the Being's Destinies

    7. Transformation of Heavy Portions and Constitution of the Mutant

    8. Drawing a Quintessence from the Substantian, Mecanian, Metallian and Metralian Elements: Building the Philosopher's Stone

    9. Creating a Situation of Levitation

II Constitution of a Body of Return

    1. Substance of Return: Subtilisation of the Body that can Receive the Seeds of Consciousness

    2. Bringing Matter ATRÁS into an Accurate Balance with Energy and Consciousness

    3. Drawing a Quintessence from Matter to Turn it into the Crystal that will Support the Being's Power

    4. Signal of Return

    5. Contract of Return: Collecting the Whole of one's Figure with no Dissimilarity

    6. Knowing how to Choose Elements that Subtilise and Are Favourable to the Return


I The Conditions of Recording of the Body of Return

    1. Cotage of Power: Treating the System of Power reconnected to the Circuit of Return

    2. Integration of Systems of Power into Substantial Bodies

    3. Bodies of Return: Pervious to the Above and Impervious to that which Lies below

    4. Circulation and Fluidity of Energy

    5. Settlement in a System that is Capped above and Invaded from below

    6. Coming out of an Hostage Situation, and Entering a Body of Return

II Twelve Beams of Force and a Crystal of Return

    1. Difficulty of Intervention in Other Vehicles to Make them Evolve

    2. The Regrouping of Spiritual Fathers in the Direction of a Being who Has Created a Situation of Reconnection

    3. Figure of Anti-polarisation of the P4. with the B4











1. Who are we?

2. Why have we been created on this planet, the Earth?

3. Where does this world come from?

4. How did all this begin?

5. Are there other lives elsewhere?

6. Are we a unique case on this terrestrial planet?

7. Are we alone?

8. Why is condensation created?

9. Is the world a school?
Does it need to stay at this school level, or is it possible that superior interventions truly make it evolve?

10. Will it be possible for the human being, at the present time, to reach a more evolved civilisation based on spiritual values?


1. Is there an intelligence that created something?

2. Does chance or random exist in the creation of matter?

3. Can we receive information from superior dimensions through senses other than those of the physical body?

4. Can we understand the principle of things and perceive its mystery?

5. Can we discover the secrets of matter with the help of current scientific techniques?

6. Can we find the origin-source of things within the intimate properties of matter?

7. What is the importance of the Creature with regard to the Creator and the Creation?
- The inner body: inferior-exterior-interior-superior continuity
- Junction of systems of extreme energy between the Creator and the Creation
- Creator-creature-creation triangle: participating in divinity
- Contact with the Creator-Creature-Creation eutectic point of synthesis
- Mortal formal created plane, and immortal non-formal created plane
- Continuity between formal and invisible creatures
- Approaching the area of Creator-Creation conjunction
- The Creature's awareness of the Creator's thought: Return of the prodigal son
- Eutectic contact point: The Creation's response to a connectec Creature
- Permanent cyclology between Creation, formal Creature, invisible Creature and Creator
- Conjunction between the motionless God and the experiential God: Deification of the Creature
- Simultaneous Togetherness of the Creator with the formal Creature, and of the invisible Creature with the Creation
- Creature-creator conjunction: influence upon invisible hierarchies
- The Creature, as the Creator's strenghtening link with the Creation
- A Digital formalisation programme
- Bringing ATRÁS a energy quintessence into the field of pure energy.


1. What can truly determine the acceleration of a being's evolution?
- Analysis of information coming from experience fields
- Mastery over explosive forces
- Consciousness-power life programme.

2. Does our past determine our future or does our future create our evolution line and thus our past and present?
- Space field, cyclological time line, timeless synthesis
- Spiral of time: from power to consciousness
- Gaining access to a consciousness of the future
- Drawing into the present a system of consciousness from the future
- Returning to dimensions of Sumerian essence.


1. Is there a limit to the universe ?
- Permanent consciousness-energy-form ratio
- Internal continuity of energy, and discontinuity of form
- Centralisation or expansion of the universe
- Unitary or multiple state according to inner science
- Simultaneous exteriorisation or re-interiorisation
- Concepts of the contracts of internal energy
- A process of dematerialising subtilisation
- Organ of integrality, and the contracts of imperious energy: ber systems
- Tuning in to the immanent universal internal gravity
- The apple from the tree of life, and the internal unity.

2. Of what interest is it to deal with circuits signed on extreme areas?
- Interior and exterior controls until extreme areas
- Non-direct transfer of extreme circuits
- Reinserting the systems of imperious numeration damaged on exterior areas
- Continuity between all the systems of exteriority within the B4.
- Imperious mecanisation
- transfers of light
- Interior, exterior and inferior cords connected to the internal unitary numeration
- Treating non-coded systems through external relaying-links
- Gathering bodies of power on unitary antennas.


1. What is spirit?

2. Does Spirit Equal Intelligence?

3. Is Spirit related to Matter or is it Independent from it?

4. What is the Origin of Matter?

5. Is the Matter Made of only one or several Elements?

6. Can we Speak of 'Inert Matter' and 'Intelligent Matter'?

7. Has the Matter Been Existing since ever or Was it Created by a Spirit Creator?

8. Is the Weight the Main Attribute of the Matter?

9. Can the Ageing of the Physical Body Be Avoided?
- The physical body polarised between a plane of light and a plane of power
- Transforming one's surroundings with a view to repatriation of extreme systems

- Situation of internal, external and imperious energy attuned to continuous transformation towards
the unity of synthesis
- The transmutation of external and imperious systems

- A codification centred on the system of internal transfer
- Transfer of extreme systems; a zone of enframing of light
- Demarcating the system of management that surrounds the internal unitary numeration
- Biological and robotic relaying-links allowing to treat on a complete unitary configuration.


1. Why are certain beings born on Earth with inheritances and huge capacities, whereas others lack material means,
and rather have restrictions instead?
- Extreme codification fitting the system of power that must be reinserted
- Co-ordinating the circuits of power in the direction of the unitary transfer.

2. Can we consider that priviledged beings having a special gift or a fortune, and arriving in families that protect them, etc., are souls having journeyed for a long time already, and that they have brought ATRÁS their exterior and inferior systems until those circuits can support them when they come into the world of form and incarnation?

3. How is decided the fact that certain people have a large fortune while others have nothing at all?

4. How is merit of non-merit evaluated in the management of a being's existence?
- Counter-balancing diverse planes: a problem of different law-systems

- The awakening and transmutation of layers of inferior power
- The dimension of inner choice; consciously managing the hookings of power
- Material, spatial, time and timeless transfers according to the individual's consciousness
- Junction of figures of power according to the individual's managing ability.


1. What is the kind of figures that can settle over on a computer? Integration of inferior figures
A mecanian organisation to palliate the fluctuations of biological system
- Interdimensional network; intermediary internel, eternel and externel floors
- Transformation of the X13. trough a situation of synthesis.

2. Is it better to treat figures of power through a unique biological body, or through several biological body;
or through one biological body associated with several biological bodies and a mecanian system?

3. Is the recording of these extreme circuits on a mecanian circuit a progress with regard to the treatment
of these extreme systems through re-centralisation by a biological system?
- A prothesis of mecanian re-centralisation in extreme zones
- System of extreme control; imperious re-concentration.

4. When a being has re-centralised its systems of imperious numeration on a mecanian circuit of synthesis,
does this fact provoke transformations in the situation of extreme systems on peripheral biological bodies?


1. What can the constants of modern physics represent, such as Planck's constant, the limit of the speed of light, and so on?
- Systems of numeration and codes of transfer: Planck's constant
- Motors of transfer, and the creation of new particles between the subtle and formal planes
- Ancestor-6.
- Ancestor-X13.
- The treatment of configurations of imperious figure: vortex quitus-13.
- Exterior transfer of limit
- Condition for the reinsertion upon a higher level.

2. Where do lightnings come from? And why do they exist on this planet Earth?

3. How is the impact of lightnings decided?
- Weld of slaughter-4. ; codes of transfer of light
- Code of normalisation; change of numeral codification
- When a human being is struck by lightning .


1. What type of mutation is currently being prepared?

2. What is the difference between a codified system and a numbered system?
- Sumerianised, numbered and coded systems

- Controls of Sumerian insertion according to codifications.

3. What about the current situation of planet Earth with regard to the circuit of internal unity?
- Communication between different planets

- A reinsertion programme for a planet and its inhabitants

- Transforming the networks of extreme energy

- Arcanias numerator of insertion.

4. What is the origin of the pyramids on planet Earth?

- An instrument for the re-concentration and elevation of energies
- A creation taking million years through the condensation of exterior bodies
- Pyramdal crystalline mineral formations.

5. Why were the pyramids built and who made them?
- Codification from signatures of external unity for the emergence of an enormous power
- Utilisation of matter for an operation of return
- A system controlled by beings of imperious emergence
- Codification with a signature of light.

6. What are the meaning and origin of statues on Easter Island? For which reason were these statues erected?
- Setting up a control of the motors of power

- Bringing numerations to a stop : The sinking of the systems of power

- Shape and orientation of the statues.


1. What Is Specifically to be achieved in a Being's Lifetime?
- Orientation towards a dimension of synthetic unification
- Enframing of transfert
- Capacity of dematerialisation of the physical body
- Reorientation to pass through the narrow door.

2. Is it better to live a prudent, extremely limited life, or a more adventurous life acting in more extended areas?

3. What is most important to do in one's incarnation?
- Restoring contact with the internal unitary numeration
- The intervention of superior dimensions
- Prayer: active participation in one's liberation, or charity system?
- Mastery over exteriorising and inferiorising processes
- Staying connected to one's programme of unitary numeration.

4. Is choosing celibacy an improvement in the individual's evolution?

5. Can celibacy make us more available to humankind?

6. Is marriage, as an institution between two being, a natural concept or has it been created by the human being?

7. What would occur if marriage were suppressed?

8. Is marriage really indissoluble?

9. Which is the most natural mode of relation between humans : monogamy or polygamy?

10. Does the equal repartition of man and woman in the population mean that their relationship and union must be done in the same proportion ?

11. Is it natural to experience the instinct of self-preservation?

12. Why does the instinct of self-preservation exist?


1. Can an entity live in the universe without the support of a physical body?
- Inner consciousness in an acting form
- Building relaying-links between inner consciousness and imperious systems
- Transformation of extreme and imperious systems.

2. Why are systems of power engaged in such difficult processes for the creatures they are connected to?
- Organisation of extreme numerations
- Progressive creation of a system of control.

3. Is destruction a part of the laws of nature?

4. Can destruction be conceived along with the idea of survival?

5. Why is the human being afraid of dying, as this death can lead her/him to a better life?

6. In nature, we often see that preservation means come with destruction means : why is it so?

7. Does the destruction need exist in the different planes of existence?

8. Will destruction always be necessary on Earth?

9. Up to which point has man the right to destroy animals?

10. Is the power to destroy connected with necessity ? What happens if it is used for pleasure?

11. What can we think about tribes who are very scrupulous about destructing animals?

12. What happens to tyrants who organise the destruction of billions of people?
- Maturation through recycling process without unitary intervention
- Zone of grinding and compression for tough systems.

13. What happens to people who have a very hard and cruel action upon humankind on this plane?

14. What should be done when oppressing tyranny is applied on individuals?

15. How can we consider people who oppress others? Do they have a mission to perform, or are they devils?

16. Why are certain persons specially choosen for this type of action?

17. Why can some people integrate their programme very precisely and others more incompletely, while some people cannot do it at all?
- Conjunction of the unitary system with the consciousness-energy-power system
- The choice of a relaying-guide to reconnect a human being to her/his programme
- Specifying the limit of pain.


1. Does it happen on all planets that the creatures are born with an apparent complete ignorance of life?
- Continuity of consciousness in function of planetary condensation
- Body of internal numeration and cordification.

2. Why are certain vehicles monitored more than others?
- Conversion of a body in function of its powers of transmutation
- Interior numeration and numerotable code of power
- Complete configuration, transformation of powers and management of other circuits
- Lessened states of consciousness.

3. What remains of mortal awareness after life?
- Choosing to treat or not to treat one's system of power
- Repatriation of external numeration in order to reinforce the internal numeration
- Attunement of an individual mortal consciousness to the unitary consciousness.

4. Why are certain vehicles of power more adapted than others to contact with numerations of Sumerian essence?
- Attunement of a system of power to the unitary numeration
- Exteriorisation driven by a very low numeration of power
- Transformation of power and emergence towards superior planes.

5. How can one change one's bodies of power?
- Concentration of VIVIR LA UNIÓN CÓSMICA upon one single figure
- Creation of numerotable figures.

6. What best treatment can someone apply on one's systems of power during one's life?
- Elevation of powers by intellectual, psycho-emotional, vital and substantial elements
- Consciousness leap onto continuums of transfer of light or of Sumerian essence
- Relaying-links of transfer in relation with the system of power
- How to treat the whole of extreme and terminal systems.


1. Is the physical body surrounded by beings in a subtle plane ? What are they, what kind of relation can we have with them ?
- Imperious, extreme and unitary systems surrounding the internal system
- Conscious intervention over systems of power
- The silent act: specifying numerotable systems
- Telepathic intervention and treatment of imperious systems.

2. What are the types of associated figures, beings, creatures and systems which may lie on the different objects or resonators belonging to a person ?
- Treaty of interdimensional control
- Conscious communication in the consciousness-energy-form ratio
- Channel of transfer between Heaven and Earth
- Conscious pre-programming of the energy network arriving upon the form.


1. How are the birth and death of a creature planned?
- Imperious contract and sumerian reinsertion
- Passing from physical body to body of light
- The treatment of contracts of power; the creation of supports
- Operation of transmission on an extreme zone
- Internal elevation and treatment of external transfers
- Continuity of transfer and connection of Sumerian essence
- The transmutation of underlying floors of power below the systems that has created the physical body
- Bursting the cyclope's eye in order to leave the cycle of destiny
- Treatment of all floors in co-ordination by the unity of synthesis
- Longevity of a creature according to its connection with its systems of power
- Demarcating what is likely to be reconnected and what is not.

2. What is the reason why the circuits of internal unity do not make a direct contract with the systems of power, without the intermediary of living creatures ?
- Extracting oneself out of systems of power and returning in the unitary axis
- Atomic core and peripheral cloud of electrons
- Passage from extra-universe to intra-universe
- Consciousness of the unitary field, signature of the X13. organ.


1. How are a Being's Birth and Death Time Decided?
- A Decision of Birth Made by the Consciousness or by the Power
- Polarisation between Various Systems of Power
- Treating the Whole of the Systems of Power
- Utility of the Physical Body to Carry out One's Internal Unitary Codification
- Exiting the Plane of Formal Life
- Mastery over Doors of Power, and their Unitary Reintegration
- Deciding the Moment of Death.

2. Can a Soul really Choose Between Incarnating or Not Incarnating?

3. What Are the Souls that do not Incarnate Doing?

4. If a Soul Wants to Incarnate, Can it Choose it's Physical Vehicle, Domain of Exercise, Country, Planet?

5. Are there Major Criteria for Choosing a Male or Female Body?
- Body of Imperious Figure
- Mastering the Systems of External and Imperious Numeration


1. Did Man Receive Survival Means Along with Life?

2. Why Can't the Earth Produce Sufficient Food for Human Beings' Life?

3. Do the Words "the Wealth of Earth" means "Produce from the Soil"?

4. Certain People Always Lack Resources for their Life, even in a Flourishing Environment. Who is Responsible for This?

5. Under certain Circumstances, Is Not Deprivation of the Vital Minimum an Ineluctable Consequence that Goes Beyond Individuals?

6. Is Anthropophagy a Crime under Survival Circumstances? If so, Is this Crime Justified by Survival of the Individual Having Done it? Is the Fault Mitigated in that Case?

7. In Purified Life Conditions, do Living Beings Need Food?

8. Are all Human Beings Entitled to Benefiting from Earthly Goods?

9. Why are Human Beings so much Interested in Having Material Possessions?

10. Are Pleasure and Sufferings Boundary-marks Set up by the Nature?

11. How Can Human Beings Seek Maximal Pleasure in Excesses?

12. How Can We Know Where the Necessary Stops?

13. Can' we Naturally Feel the Limit of our Needs?

14. How Can We Consider People who Take the Wealth of Earth for their own Unnecessary Use while Others Lack the Necessary?

15. Must We always Satisfy the Natural Needs of our Body? Isn't It Sometimes Necessary to Deprive it in order to Master it?

16. Is it Normal to Seek One's Well-being?

17. Is it Normal for Man to Feed on Animals?

18. Are We Allowed to Sacrifice Animal Life to Feed ourselves?

19. Why are certain Plants Favourable to Human Beings, while others are Poisonous or Hallucinogen?
- The Transformation and Integration of Powers Linked to the Vegetable World
- Modifying One's Organism in View of the Transfer of a certain Kind of Power
- The Intervention of Forces of a Superior Kind to Counteract Addictions of Power
- Lack of Control over the Uprising of Power Caused by Hallucinogenic Plants
- Control over the Systems of Human, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Powers.


1. Are Fasting and Abstinence of Food Advisable to the Human Being?

2. Is Voluntary Deprivation a Meritorious Act for God?

3. Is Ascetic Mortification a Source of Merit?

4. What is the Origin of Suffering? Should we Endeavour to Lessen other People's Pain?
- When Powers Bump into One Another for the Treatment of Condensed Signatures
- How to Stay in a Zone of Contact with a Signal of Unitary Numeration.

5. Should We Attempt to Keep away from Suffering?

6. Can Suffering Be in Favour of the Individual's Elevation?

7. Is It Possible to Suppress Evil and Pain from this Planet?
- Evil, a Consequence of Gravitation and Compression
- Treating Space-time Portions with Consciousness
- The Lack of Inner Precision, and the Weight of Non-treated Imperious Configurations
- Rebuilding the Conditions of Transfer Whatever the Incarnation Zone
- Inner Numeral Sketching or Exterior Drift
- Drift into Zones of Pseudo-Truth, and Distortion towards Recasting.

8. Is it Necessary, or even Obligatory, to Undergo Suffering in order to Find a Solution to one's Lower Root in this World?
- Exterior Re-centralisation, and Imperious Transmutation
- Coming out of Suffering while Increasing Your Consciousness and Your Mastery of Transfers
- How to Distribute the Effort of one's Transformation
- Negotiating the Border Zones of External Numeration; Master of Transfer.

9. Is it Allowed to Operate Mutilations on the Bodies of Human Beings or of Animals?

10. What Happens to Beings known as Having Perpetrated Crimes Against Humankind?

11. Do We Have the Right to Help Someone Die When this Person is Enduring Much Pain?

12. What About Those who Commit Suicide?

13. When one feels that the end one's life is near; when one has done everything one had to do, and all of one's circuits have been put in order, etc.; and when one feels that it is now time to end the journey; is it possible then to start gradually shortening one's food intake in order to reduce one's body and to progressively make one's life disappear from this plane, by reducing body life to a minimum?


1. What Is the Origin of Illness?

2. Is It Possible to Know the Origin of Diseases?

3. What is the Origin of Cancer?

4. How does Extreme Transfer Appear?

5. What is the Remedy for Cancer?

6. What Is to Be Done? And What Advice Should be Given People Suffering Cancer?

7. What Is the Origin of AIDS?

8. How Can We Understand the Phenomenon of AIDS?
- A Risk of Disconnection by Contamination while Helping other Beings
- AIDS and Human Consciousness
- Reinforcing the System of Resistance to a Destructive Power
- Consciousness-Energy and Power-Energy Balance of Struggle
- Mineral Infiltration of Substantial Bodies By Means of Remedies
- The Setting-up of Control Systems
- How to Detect Warning Signals of an Infiltration
- Emergence and Control of the Powers in the Course of their Evolution.


1. How Is It Best to Process a Body after Death ? Is It to Be Buried ? Is It to Be Burnt ? Or Is there a Better Way ?
- Gradual Transformation of the Physical Body
- Violent Disappearance; Cremation or Burial; the Ghosts
- Transformation of the Codes of Power during Physical Life; Direct Contract of Insertion of Light.

2. Must we Bury the Body or Burn it?
- Organ of Change of Insertion; the Possibility of Transubstantiation
- Demarcation, and Extreme-supreme Transmitting Codification
- The Cord of Light
- Relaying-links until One's Inferior Powers
- Condition of Light Around a Body; Twists of Energy in Zones of Power
- To Return to the Heaven, Deal with Those who Are in Heaven.

3. Which Is Best: to Bury the Physical Body or to Burn it? What Is the Best Means to Process the Physical Body in the Moment of Death?

4. What About Incineration of a Body after Death?
Reincarnation into Under-human Levels of Consciousness

5. Can Human Beings have Incarnations as Animals According to the Theory of Metempsychosis?
- Imperious Codification Carried out in Under-human Worlds
- Internal-External Resonance; Consciousness of the Extreme Systems
- Remoteness of Extreme Figures and Difficulties of Reinsertion
- Divided X13. Systems, and the Descent into Zones of Infra-consciousness
- Re-concentration of Parts of Consciousness Diffused over Animals or Plants
- Consciousness of the Internal Unity; Shift to an Immortal State of Consciousness
- To Be Reinserted on a Dimension of Synthesis, or to Let oneself Be Dissolved in Exteriorisation or Inferiorisation Processes
- A Double Stream between the Creator and the Creation through the Creature.


1. Can we Say that we Choose our Own Type of Incarnation?

2. What is the Interdimensional Origin of Twins?

3. Are There Galactic Races Having an Identical Appearance
- In Other Words, All Individual Looking Alike from a Formal Point of View?

4. Can Formal Bodies be Associated together? For example, if you Take a Body out of a Planet and you Associate it to a Body from another Planet, Can there Be Conjunction between these two Vehicles?

5. Are there Beings, in the Galaxy, that are more specifically Associated to the Plane of Earth?

6. How Was the Human Body Created?
- Conjunction between Material Systems and Systems from the Internal Unity
- Internal Unitary Numeral Conjunction
- Contact with the Limit; Interiorisation and Elevation.

7. How is the Alliance between a Man and a Woman Determined?

8. What is the Origin of Attraction sometimes taking place between Bodies and Consciousnesses while, in fact, the Possible Conjunction Is Taking Place with Other Vehicles?

9. Can the Body Do a Number of Operations Enabling it to Bring Together Vehicles that Were Set Apart According to the Context of the Powers that they Had to Deal with?

10. Where does Resonance with a Vehicle rather than with Another Come from?


1. Is the Vital Transfer the most Operational Means to Transform the Molecular and Cellular State of our Physical Body?
- The Inner Body's Capacity of Energy Transfer
- Carrying out One's Transfer above the Border of Disconnection
- Avoiding Diversion from Below to the Outside.

2. Do Sexual and Vital Exchanges Only Exist on our Terrestrial Plane?

3. Are Sexual Exchanges a Means to Counter Gravitation when Experienced in a Sufficiently Controlled Way and a Sufficiently High Plane?

4. What is the Role of a Man? What is the Role of a Woman?
- A Man's functioning process
- A Woman's functioning process.

5. Of What Interest Is It to Reach a Paroxysm, from an Interdimensional Point of View?
- The Transfer and Channeling of Power towards a Unitary System
- Agreement between Man and Woman for the Treatment of Energies
- Repatriation of the External Circuit into the Axis of Numeration.

6. Of What Interest Is It, for a Woman, to Awaken to the Reaching of Paroxysm?
- The Treatment of Energies in a Transferisation During Paroxysm
- Re-welding the Configuration of External Emergence
- Zones of Impotence; Crystallised Imperious Body
- Transmutation Attuned to the Divine Mother.

7. Is it a Good Thing to Help a Woman Arise to Better Circulation of her Energies?

8. Are the Transfers of an Individual, of a Couple, or of Several Individuals together, in Resonance with the Same Kinds of Spirits?


1. Why Do We Happen to be very Tired at Certain Moments, and Why do we Therefore Need More Recovering than at other Moments?
- Junction of a Widely-extended Extreme Figure
- A Fall of Consciousness Because of a Delegation of Internal Energy to an External Zone
- Transmutation of the System of Power Above the Borderline of the Repatriation of External Systems
- Transmutation, Repatriation, Centralisation, Synthesis
- Inferior, Exterior, Interior and Superior Repatriations towards the Synthesis.

2. Why do we Wake up in Peak Form Some Mornings, and very much Tired the Next Day?
- Treating Remote Figures Linked to the Physical Body
- The Hooking of Signatures that Move with Difficulty
- Moving the System of Power to a Higher Level in Extremely Low Zones.


1. Is there Something, Amongst the Images and Experiences Recorded During the Incarnation, that is Kept After the Disappearance of the Physical Body from this Plane?
- Beauty, a Formal Transcription of Unitary Perfection
- Inner Consciousness of the Archetypal Origin of Things
- Becoming Reconnected to That Which May Possibly Be Our Life when out of the Formal World.

2. When Standing in a more Subtle World, Do We Remember Images that We Recorded During our Lifetime?

3. Who Decides On the Death of the Physical Body?
- Maintenance of Life according to the Treatment of Power Done through the Physical Vehicle
- How to Treat the Body to Keep it at a Level of Numeration
- Senility, Abandon of the Vehicle by Councils of the Unity
- Use Your Body for Operations of Some Interdimensional Interest.

4. What are the Consequences Following an Abortion?

5. Should Abortion be Considered a Crime?

6. Where Do so-called 'Accidental' Death come from?
- External or Extreme Bursts Piloted by Systems of Power
- When a Creature Comes Down Below the Level of its Interdimensional Programme.

7. Can a Human Being Successfully Achieve the Dematerialization and Re-materialisation of its Physical Formal Body?


1. How Is It Possible to Develop a Power of Materialisation and Dematerialization?
- Movement from one System of Numeration into Another
- Making the Systems of Power Become completely Apt to be Numbered
- Transforming the System of Extreme Energy
- Intervention of Systems of Normalisation
- Powers Tied to Specific Telluric Zones
- Counterbalancing Lower Powers with External Systems; from Power to Energy.

2. Can the Human Being Control the Process of Dematerialization of His or Her Physical Body; or Is an Intervention from Other Hierarchy Systems Necessary?
- Intervention of the Body of the Unity of Synthesis over the Numeral Configuration
- The Repatriation of Imperious Systems and of Bodies of Extreme Energy
- Complete Codification of Light for an Operation of Sumerian Essence
- Imitating Contract, Dorsal of Power, and Extreme Transformation
- Extreme Numeration and Reinsertion.

3. What is the Origin of Spontaneous Consumption of the Physical Body, which Takes Place for Certain People?

4. How can the Body of Power Be Executed from the Plane in which It Stands?


1. What is the Origin of Dreams?

2. Are Dreams Connected to an Interdimensional Reality in Another Plane?

3. What is the Origin of Wondrous Dreams?

4. What Interest Is there, for a Creature, in the Integration of Energies of an extremely Distant Type with regards to its Inner Signature?

5. Is it better to Record close Energies, or Energies that are very Distant from one's Numeration?

6. Where do Repeated Dreams Come from, as this Happens for certain people?

7. Where do Premonitory Dreams Come from?

8. What is the Origin of Nightmares?

9. What Causes the Fact that a Person, when Prevented from Dreaming, Becomes Disturbed?

10. What is the Prophetic Value that Can Be Assigned to these Dreams? And Is there a real Existence of these Circuits in other Dimensions?

11. Are There Specific Vehicles that Are the Seat of these Exterior VIVIR LA UNIÓN CÓSMICA?

12. What Interest Is there in Being Transferred onto an Antenna of Sumerian Essence?

13. What is the Programme of a Being about to be Immortalised?

14. Why Do We completely Lose Consciousness of the Reality of Waking Consciousness when We Dream? And Could We possibly Have a stronger Bond between the Dream Consciousness and the Waking Consciousness?
- Bringing one's Exterior Consciousness Closer to one's Inner Consciousness through the Inferior Conscious
- Exterior and Inferior Clairvoyance, and Waking Consciousness
- Contact with the Superior Consciousness.

15. From which Moment Can We Consider that a Mortal Consciousness Has Entered an Immortal Consciousness?

16. Can Individual Consciousness Exist outside of a Physical Body?
- Inner Consciousness, and Mastery over the Limit of Energy
- The Exercise of Charity: Managing the Weight and the Measure
- The Danger of Popularing an Information - Gradual Demarcated Diffusion to Keep Contact with the Unity.

17. Is There some Interest, for a Unified Man, in Entering in Contact with other Vehicles?
- Selecting the Beings According to their Degree of Interiorisation
- Trust and Availability to the System of Unitary Numeration.


1. Is Astral Travel an Indispensable Step for a Being on its Path to Transubstantiation?
- Out-of-body Journey and the Transferisation of Energy; Transubstantiation and the Transferisation of Substance
- Numeration of the Systems of External Imperious Emergence
- Space-time Synthesis and the Systems of Terminal Imperious Numeration
- The Treatment of Material Space-time Portions
- Precise Demarcation of the Systems Linked to a Substantial Circuit, and Transubstantiation
- Imperious Transformation and Interdimensional Transfer
- Re-energising Oneself on one's System of Unitary Numeration.

2. Is the Practice of Out-of-body Journey Important for one's Preparation to Depart from this Plane?
- Risk of a Stretching of one's Imperious Systems
- Disconnection in relation to the P4.
- Training Yourself at Moving your Exterior and Inferior Figures to another Continuum.

3. Is It Interesting, for People Having correctly Re-centralised their Exterior and Inferior Circuits, to Train themselves at Journeying out of the Body to Enter Another Continuum ?


1. What is the Origin of Levitation?
- Complete Interiorisation onto a Dimension of Internal Unity
- Channeling the Uprising of Systems of Imperious Figure
- Operative Functionality of Transfer.

2. Is it Possible to Re-transcribe, on the Physical Body, the Impression of Flying that we Experience in certain Dreams?
- The Reintegration of Inferior and Extreme Bodies
- Contraction of Inner Motors on the Extreme Emergence
- Stabilising the Systems of Power on Resonators
- Roses of Light, and Principles of Transfer.

3. Why Do We so easily Levitate in Dreams whereas it is so Difficult to Levitate on the Formal Physical Plane?

4. Why Do certain Beings Uplift themselves so Easily, and even Unwillingly, such as Joseph of Cupertino, the Vicar of Ars, and Other People?

5. Is It Interesting, from an Evolutionary Point of View, to Obtain this Situation?

6. Through which Process Do Certain People Manage to Generate a Large Flow of Electricity through their Hands?


1. Where Does the Stress that Strikes Human Beings Come From?
- Hookings of Power and Difference of Numeration
- Managing the Repatriation of Signatures of Exteriority
- Enframing, Control and the Division of Systems of Power
- Signing on One's own System of Numeration of Sumerian Essence
- Bringing the Cords of Extremity together
- Distancing oneselv from Imperious Systems Unlikely to be Unified
- The Deterioration of Systems of Exteriority Attuned to Extreme Systems
- The Definition of Extreme Zones Unlikely to be Attuned
- The Return of Forces of Condensation into the Primeval Magma.


1. What is the Origin of Haunted Houses?

2. Why Does this Type of Manifestation Cause Shivers and Fear?

3. How Can On Avoid this Fear?

4. Why, during Haunted-House Phenomena, do Manifestations Stop when a Light is Brought in?

5. Why Can these Invisible Forces Strike Blows, Move Objects, and Cause all Kinds of Manifestations that only Visible Vehicles Usually Make?

6. Why, in Certain Cases of Haunted Houses, Can Invocations and Prayers Said by a Priest Change the Situation?

7. How are the Vehicles Seen at a Distance from a Person Made? When People Affirm that they Saw Another Person in a Distant Place, for example, Was the Latter Conscious of this or not ?


1. What is Hypnosis?

2. Is there a Danger in the Practice of Hypnosis?

3. Why are Certain Vehicles more Psychic than Others?

4. When We Have an Out-of-Body Journey, or when We Leave the Physical Body and Find Ourselves Again in the Unitary Field, what Must We Do?


1. What is the Concept of Love on Higher Planes?

2. What is the Origin of Loving Attract and Desire of Fusion between two Beings?

3. Is Love Essential for the Body?

4. Why were Human Beings Given such a Fragile Emotional Dimension?

5. What is Androgyny?

6. Is the Perpetuation of the Human Race the only Origin of Desire for Complementation between two Beings?

7. Is it Possible to Experience Perfect Love? Is yes, How on this World?
- No Perfection on a World of Imperfection
- Supervising the Transmutation of Powers from an Internal Unitary Dimension
- External Configuration in a Functioning of Light
- Managing a Multidimensional Energy Field.

8. What is Universal Love in fact?

9. What is Worship?

10. Can we Learn Worship or is it an Innate Act?

11. Does Worship Need Exterior Manifestations?

12. Does God Prefer those who Worship Him?

13. Is it Interesting to Practise a Religion when not really Believing?

14. Do all People Experience the Feeling of Worship?

15. What is the Source of Worship?


1. What is the Being's Consciousness Like at the Moment of Death?
- Quintessencialising Exterior and Inferior Systems to Create a Channel towards Superior Dimensions
- Exteriorisation and Interiorisation of one's Figure with regard to one's Internal Nucleus
- Synthetic Integration of one's Exterior-Inferior-Interior Figure towards a higher Dimension
- The Integration of Figures from the Environment
- Manifesting one's Identity through Material Works
- Past-Present-Future Synthesis with the Field of the Immortal
- Quintessencialising the Underlying Floors of Condensation; a Synthesis on the Physical Body
- Bringing Other Beings into one's System of Transfer
- Matrix-like Relaying Systems of Production for the Control of the Extension of one's Formal Creature
- Problems Related to the Creation of a Business Company
- A Completely Re-centralised Consciousness-Energy-Form Signature
- Creating one's Business Company after Having Reached a Dimension of Elevation: "Grow and Multiply"
- Steps of Technological Evolution in a Civilisation
- Super-terrestrial Energetic Situation.


1. How are the Bodyguards surrounding Physical and Energetic Vehicles Chosen?
- Keeping Contact with a Dimension of Synthesis
- The Sleeping Process.

2. Can a Being Stop Sleeping if he Can sufficiently Regenerate itself? Could this be Harmful for other Non-human Dimensions of its Individuality?

3. Are Extraterrestrial Bodies Made of the same Flesh as our Human Bodies? Or are they some Kind of Holographic Projections using our own Brain Abilities to Show themselves to us?
- Conditions for the Creation of Forms
- Consciousness-Power Continuity
- Interdimensional Communication in Relation with the Type of Individual
- Receiving Interdimensional Information


1. What is to be Understood in the words "Hell", "Purgatory" and "Paradise"?

2. What is the Purgatory?
- Notch of Exteriorisation at the Moment of Physical Death
- Dependency towards Beings still Possessing a Physical Body for Self-Transformation
- Ratio between the Hooking Situation of Non-connected Beings and the Momentum of Connected Beings
- Strengthening the Configuration of Elevation to Avoid Falling in Hell
- Physical Death, Inner Death, and the Choices in Life
- Paradise, a Zone of Re-insertion
- Successful Completion of a Signature of Unitary Elevation
- Fulcrum on Extreme Lands; Welding to a Signature of Sumerian Essence.


1. How Important is the Mind (Mental) in the Processes Taking Place between Consciousness, Energy and Form?
- Continuity between Mind and Consciousness
- Creating a Condition of Transfer between Imperious and Exterior Systems
- Continuity of Mastery for a Programme of Internal Numeration.

2. Is it Indispensable to Transmit the Experience and Information Gathered in one's Lifetime?
- Adapting your Intervention According to the Creatures
- Making for Other People the Contract that Was Made for You
- The Treatment of Systems of Power.


1. Where Do all the Teachings in the Current Transmission Come From?
- Connection to Signatories of the Unity of Synthesis
- Treatment of External, Extreme and Imperious Systems
- Working within a Demarcated Co-ordinated System
- Intervention of Circuits of the Unity of Synthesis
- The Setting-up of the Organ of Integrality
- A Contract of Inner Energy more Important than Exterior Systems.

2. Should we always Give other People what we Receive from Higher Dimensions?

3. Having received Messages and Information from Higher Dimensions, can one Keep them Strictly for oneself, or Should one Transmit them and Spread them out to Help other Beings who Need this Information?
- The Need to Send Information to External Systems
- Gradual Transmutation of the System of Imperious Numeration
- The Distribution of Energies over a very Large Number of People
- Resonance with a Direct Numeral Signature
- Interdimensional Consciousness-Energy-Power Information.


1. Where Does the Current Transmission Come from: from Circuits of Insertion, Circuits of Transfer, or other Circuits?
Clauses Governing Internal Unitary Junction
- Information Stemming from Systems under Change of Numeration
- Consciousness on all Synthetic, Internal, External and Imperious Levels
- Codification of the Unity of Synthesis According to Changes of Imperious Numeration
- Difficulty to Transcribe Higher Resonances on Excessively Inferiorised Planes
- A Triggering System Created by a Superior-Interior-Exterior-Inferior Conjunction
- Exterior, Extreme and Inferior Relaying-links
- The Building of Transmission Relaying-Systems
- Arousing the Re-insertion Stream of the Figures of Sumerian Essence
- Structuring the Exterior and Inferior Codifications
- The Awareness of Unitary Dimensions; Adaptation in the Form
- Completing a Figure of Synthesis - Separate the Chaff from the Wheat
- Rust, Worms and Thieves
- The Training of Filtering Operators Standing below Oneself
- Enframing Circle and Circuit of Control
- Weight and Measure, A System of Synchronisation
- The Interdimensional Utilisation of Robot-like Systems
- Creating a Bridge between the Creator and the Creation
- Choice between Interiorisation and Exteriorisation
- One cannot Serve two Masters at one Time
- An Operational Substantian-Mecanian-Metallian-Metralian Chain
- Permanent Withdrawal of Elements Unlikely to be Integrated
- The Growth of a Transfer Field Similar to the Growth of a Tree.


1. Why is There a Descent into Incarnation? Why Do Beings Move down in this Energy System?
- Leaving the System of Synthesis to Treat an Incomplete Signature
- Experimenting Formalisation and Building one's Signal of Synthesis again
- The Sense of Limit between that which Can Be Numered and that which Cannot
- Illuminating Re-integrable Systems of Imperious Numeration
- X13. and Extreme Cordage referenced to the Unity of Synthesis
- Anti-polarisation of Imperious Hookings
- Risk of Deterioration in Non-numerable Zones; Continuity of Transfer through Successive Relaying-links
- Steps between Consciousness and Power in the Being's Life; an Ascension Current
- An Initiatory Situation Codified by the Circuit of Sumerian Essence
- Changes in the Environment Made to Shake up the Imperious Zones
- Extracting one's Complete System out of Non-numerable Zones of Death.

2. Are there Specific Actions that it is Particularly Important to Make in one's Life?

3. On What do we Specifically Need to Work during our Incarnation?
- Treating one's Inferior and Exterior Configurations
- The Programmes that Must Be Carried out According to the Situation of a Being
- Exteriorisation of Space-time Portions Unlikely to be Numered.


1. What is Evil?
- Control by Means of an Axis of Internal Light, down until the Destroyer; Transfer of Fire
- A Contract of Non-numerable Powers
- Building a Crystal of Imperious Numeration and a Laser-beam
- The Act of Consciousness over Matter beyond Evil
- A Quintessencialised Signature of Matter Concentrating External Dispersion
- Extension of Light towards Vital Fire; The Creation of Extremel Levels.

2. What are the Consequences of a Lie?
- Reinsertion of a Configuration that has Been Destroyed by a Lie
- Differences between the Laws existing in the Surface Plane and the Laws existing in the Plane of Powers
- The Recording of Imperious Signatures Unlikely to Be Numered
- Transfer, or Deterioration of Power
- A Movement of Power in Opposition with the Laws of the Intermediary Plane
- Retribution to the System of External Numeration for the Operation of Transfer of Power
- To Lie in Order to Negotiate with the Environment
- Misunderstanding; When the Diffusion of Energies Prevents Communion
- Dwelling in a Sufficiently High Level to be Able to Avoid Lie; Letting Non-numerable Energies Flow Away
- Dissociation of a System of Power; the Lessening of Inferior Controls
- The Injustice of Lie with regards to what Happens in the Plane of Power
- Distribution of a Power on Several External Numerators.


1. What are the Elements that can Determine the Type of Incarnation for an Entity?
- Notches of Energy Cumulation
- Insertion of Formalised Energy
- Colour, and Energetic Vibratory Levels
- Imperious Codification, and Changes in Space or in Time
- Contracts of Light and Resonance of Energy
- Spotting the Incarnation Types by their Colour and Time Location
- The Unfolding of Time, and Timeless Simultaneity.

2. When Rising to much Higher Planes, we can perceive that, as far as the Unity of God is concerned, all Vehicles are serving the same configuration.
Therefore, we May Wonder what the Consciousness Treating the Operations of Transfer to Exterior Worlds Is.
How Can a Configuration Be Set up on an Imperious Plane, and which Contract Determines the Signature of a Consciousness on this Plane?
- Infiltration of Systems of Power
- Intervention in a Slowed-down Emergent Zone
- Simultaneous Incarnations linked to a Central Timeless Unitary Archetype
- Personal Consciousness and Transcendent Consciousness
- The Management of Sleep, an Oscillation between Power and Consciousness
- How to Pass from Individual Spiral to Primeval Unitary Straight Line.


1. Did Certain Elements of Transmission Concerning the Unitary Science already Exist on this Planet Earth?
- The Setting-up of a Programme of Planetary Transformation
- Full Body of Power in Parallel Zone of Light
- Junction of very Heavy Powers; the Contract of Light
- Energetic Downfall of the Transmissions of Light
- Miniaturisation of the Circuit of the Unity of Synthesis.

2. Is the Unitary Science already Existing on other Planetary Systems?
- Internal Subtlety attuned to Reinsertion into the Codes of Numeration
- Internal Codification and Decision of Re-insertion.

3. Where Do the Numbers used in Telepathic Transmissions Come From?
- Numerations Attuned to Eternel, Externel and Seternel Systems
- Unitary System-1. , Contract-6. , and Exterior Codes
- System of Imperious Figure; Codes-7. and 2. ; the X13.
- Zones of Light and Welding of Numeration - Kers of Power welded on Systems of Transfer of Light
- Rituals versus Direct Unitary Codification.


1. Why Isn't Truth Available to Everybody?

2. How Can We Define what Morals and Ethics are?

3. How is it Possible to Distinguish between Good and Evil?

4. How Can one Distinguish Good from Evil?

5. Can the Human Being Discern Good from Evil by Itself?

6. Has the Human Being the Means to Distinguish Good from Evil?

7. Is it possible to be Wrong in one's Ability to Distinguish Good from Evil?

8. How Can one Integrate the Notion of Good and Evil in oneself?

9. Why is Evil Integrated within the Reality of Human Existence?

10. Aren't the Needs of Life Related to the Social Level in which one Is Living, rather than to the Nature?

11. Do all Beings have the same Notion of Good and Evil?

12. Is a Wild Man Guilty when Feeding on Human Flesh?

13. Sometimes, Evil Seems Unavoidable. Is it therefore Possible to Say that one has Left the Law of God?

14. Can Evil Proceed from another Evil that was Previously Suffered?

15. Is the Desire to do Evil as Reprehensible as Evil itself?

16. After Having Performed something Evil, is the Being Cut from God?

17. Are there Life Circumstances that Deprive an Individual of all Possibility of doing Good?

18. How Can We Avoid Hell on Earth?

19. In an Atmosphere of Decadence, Can Evil Become an Irrepressible Training for those who Indulge in it?

20 Are there Different Degrees in Merit from Doing Good?

21. Is Loving one's Neighbour a Priority?

22. Are there Values that must be Preserved, beside those Concerning Worship, Work, Reproduction, Preservation, Destruction, Society, Progress, Equality, Liberty, Justice, Love, and Charity?

23. What is the Degree of Liberty of a Creature?
- Completing one's Programme in a Dimension of Synthesis
- The Creature's Freedom of Intervention
- Precision and Swiftness of Choice, then Involvement in a Cycle of Evolution
- Freedom in Relation with the Principle Characteristics of the Being
- Zones of Risk and Accidents
- Freedom, a Possibility to Achieve one's Programme.


1. Who Decides to Choose the Trials of Life for an Individual?

2. Isn't it Natural to Choose the Least Difficulty for One's Life?

3. Are the Hierarchies Supervising Humankind Structured and Ordered so that Some are under Other's Command?

4. After Death, Do we Keep the Power and Respectability that we Happened to Acquire in our Lifetime?

5. After an Incarnation in a Civilised Race, can one Incarnate in a so-called "Wild" Race?

6. When Leaving the Body at the Moment of Death, Do We Immediately See our Late Friends and Family?

7. How is a Being Welcomed when Arriving in the Subtle Realms after Death?

8. Can the Beings Existing in Subtle Realms have Feelings of Friendship or Sympathy for Other Beings?

9. What Happens in the very First Moments after Physical Death?
- Movement towards Inferior or Exterior Zones
- The Treatment of Contracts of Extreme Energy after Death
- Junction to the System of Unitary Numeration
- Peace and Serenity in a Field of Perfect Wholeness and Intensity
- Steps Preparing the Coming-out of the Formal Plane towards the Unitary Field.

10. What can be Kept after Death: Spirit, Soul or Life?

11. Is it Possible to Transfer the Physical Body into a Higher Dimension?

12. When Disappearing from the Formal Plane, is Being Born in Another Plane Necessary: Being a Baby, then a Child, then an Adult after some time, just like in the Formal Plane?


1. Is there a Judgement Cast upon Human Actions at the End of Life?
- Judgement: Taking Stock of the Results of One's Incarnation Experience
- The Prodigal Son: Courage and Prudence.

2. Is there a Moral Judgement on the Human Beings' Actions?
- Internal Co-ordination to Keep Contact with one's System of Sumerian Essence
- Transformation: Controlled De-structuring and Re-structuring in Continuity
- Destruction and Re-connection through the Numeration of Extreme Systems
- Petals of Transfer for the Re-integration of Exteriorised Systems.

3. Who Are the Judges of the Operations Done in Life? Do they Ponder on the Circuit of Energy and Consciousness Extracted from Our Life, and Evaluate if it Can Be Unified to a Dimension of Sumerian Essence?
- Comparing the Previously-Planned Programme with the Realisation Attained in the Formal World
- Time for Thought and Study between two Incarnations
- Degrees in the Exercise of Diving into Incarnation
- Automatic Action-Reaction Orientation versus Conscious Elevation and Mastery over the Energy.


1. What is the Role of Fairies in Universal Harmony?

2. Which Type of Relationship can we Keep with Dimensions Parallel to Human Life?
- The Treatment of Exterior Planes Unlikely to be Integrated
- Re-energetifying the Exterior Systems through the Treatment of Zones of Power in the Formal Plane
- An Eternel Correlation for Internel-Seternel Junction
- The Treatment of Motors X13. ; Clauses Governing Illumination
- Creation of a Codification as an Intermediary between two Permanently Functioning Systems of Numeration
- Energy Intermediaries between Unitary Numeration and External and Extreme Systems
- Illuminating Parallel Planes starting from an Illuminated Extreme Zone
- Risk of Projection onto Exterior or Inferior Levels without Having Reached a "star" State
- Contact with a Field of Stellar Light, and Illumination
- How to Trigger Fame in the Formal Plane
- Manifestations of a Cosmic Ray Connected to a Unitary Dimension.


1. Are there Good and Bad Spirits? How can one Recognise Them?
- Necessity of a Higher Level of Energy to Meet Superior Spirits
- Process of Unification and Precision of Communications Related to the Being
- Accuracy of Inspiration Related to the Being's Mastery over Exterior and Inferior Levels
- Incomplete Consciousness in Intermediary Zones
- Domination of the Unitary Contract over Exterior or Inferior Contracts
- Mastering one's Complete System to Check the Validity of Received Information
- Reconnecting Subtle Systems and Transforming them.

2. How do Spirit-Guides Spot out the People they Must Help in the Immensity of the Universe?
- Relaying-links between Systems of Imperious Numeration and Systems of Unitary Numeration
- Mortal Vehicle Attuned to Contact with the Internal Unity
- Anti-polarising the Space-Time Portions
- Formalisation and Informalisation
- Apparition of a Vessel, or of a Light
- Materialisation and dematerialization of Objects
- Building a Body of Unitary Numeration.


1. Can a Being completely Free itself without the Help of another Being?
- Treating One's System of Power
- Reconnecting Oneself to a Dimension of Numeration of Synthesis
- Creating a Unity of Transfer
- A Signature of Insertion Enabling the Being to Leave the Incarnation Plane
- Organ of Intervention for the Action of Spiritual Fathers
- When Man Treats the Powers Linked to Woman
- The Importance of Finishing the Treatment of Powers to which One Is Allied.


1. When Leaving the Plane of the Form, is it Necessary to Do something Special in other Planes?
- Awareness of the Subtle Worlds and Transfers between Dimensions
- The Importance of Consciousness in the Non-incarnated State for the Mastery of Consciousness
- Signing a Programme of Perfection and Transformation in all Planes
- Training oneself to Perceive what Existence in a Non-incarnate Plane May Be
- Inspiration from Higher Dimensions and Risk of Descent into Incarnation
- Roses of Unitary Numeration
- Transforming oneself to be Transferred upon a Subtler World
- Descent into a Condensed Plane of Incarnation to Process the Zone of Imperious Numeration
- Recovering the Exact Configuration of the Purpose of one's Incarnation
- Hookings of power on Parallel Paths, and Distortions
- Consciousness of the Energy Vehicle, and Elevation in the Plane of the Unitary Lights
- Processing the Body of Imperious Emergence and the Contract of Extreme Energy.

2. What is to be Done when one is in the Unitary Field, either when in Out-of-Body Travel, or after Death?
- Developing one's Inner Consciousness Connected to the Unitary Field
- Numbering oneself upon Internal Antennas to be Able to Act on Intermediary and External Antennas
- Maintaining oneself in a State of Balance, Peace and Serenity
- Acting on one's Environment to Create a Resonance of Beauty
- Beauty, Goodness and Truth to Find again the Plane of Perfect Consciousness.


1. Why do Humans Know so Little about the Origin and Purpose of Life?
- Signature of Consciousness According to Mastery over the Environment
- Body of Internal Unitary Numeration Created when Bringing certain Vehicles closer together
- Circles of Transfer, Body of Numeration, and Figure of Spell.

2. When the Current Messages are Being Transmitted, Where Are You Standing? Where is the Origin of those Messages Located?

3. Why do Certain Creatures Can De-spiral themselves and Come out of Attraction from the Systems of Power?
- Awakening of an Internal Signature, and Extension towards Figures of Power
- Experience and Personal Management to Develop one's Inner Science
- Imperious Mutant, Motor of Light, Motor of the Internal Unity and Transfer of Light
- The Reception of Codings, and the Management of Thrusts of Power
- Ascending Codification, and the Setting-up of a North-South Figure
- Extension of Eternel Systems of Light, and Constriction of the Internal Numeration
- The Signing of Synchronisations.


1. Why Are certain Beings Endowed with Telepathic Connection with Other Dimensions, while Others Lack This Connection?

2. What Makes the Difference between Creatures?

3. Why are Certain Beings Physically Contacted by Vessels and UFO's Sightings, while Others Are not, even when Trying to be Contacted?
- Formalisation of Exterior Systems to Anti-polarise Inferior Attraction
- Strengthening the Exterior Control and Centralising the Systems of Power.

4. Should one Strive to Obtain Formal Contact with the Vessels?
- Materialisation of Extreme Systems around a System of Internal Unitary Numeration
- Internal Numeration of Numerable Systems, and Formalisation of Numerations of External Emergence
- Creating a Vortex of Transfer to Shift Continuum
- Complete Numerator of Unitary Insertion
- Unification Achieved over the Whole of a Being's Nature in the Consciousness-Energy Field
- Imperious Numeration, and the Re-insertion of External and Extreme Systems
- Intervention of the System of Unitary Numeration
- Incomplete Internal Unitary Numeration, and the Reception of Incomplete Information
- The Changing Figure: Materialisation and Dematerialization
- Movement of the Extreme Operators; Materialisation of the Exterior and Imperious Operators
- Incarnation of a Numerator of the Unity of Synthesis
- Shifting from Matter to Anti-matter and from Anti-matter to Matter
- Multidimensional Extreme/Anti-extreme Configurations of Exchange
- Strengthening the Organ of Unitary Energy by Re-centralising the External and Inferior Hookings
- Correlation of a System of Unitary Numeration, and Re-concentration on the Antenna of Field-13.
- Change of Internal Unitary Numeral Transfer
- Materialisation of Information as a Relaying-link for Junction to the Line of Unitary Numeration.


1. What is a Vessel?

2. What is a Mothership?

3. What is a Fleet?

4. Are Motherships more specifically Connected to a Certain Fleet?

5. How many Fleets are there?

6. Can We Say that Each Fleet Has Its Own Specific Roles?

7. Are Fleets Connected to Specific Zones of Space, or Do they Correspond to Energy Levels?


1. Do Certain Systems of Consciousness-Energy specifically Cling to an Individual to Protect her or him?

2. What is a Guardian Angel?

3. What is the Role of Surveyors?

4. Can a Surveyor Have an Intervention upon the Individual from the Moment of her or his Birth?

5. Does the Surveyor Intervene at his Own Will or on Command?

6. Does the Surveyor easily Cling to the Being that He Is Responsible for?

7. If the Individual Rebels, can the Supervising Sumerian Spirit Abandon her or him?

8. When the Superior Father Releases the Person He Had been Protecting, Is He Causing a Prejudice to this Person because of this Abandon?

9. Can the Sumerian Spirit Let a Being Drift away into Worlds of Destruction?

10. Could the Sumerian Spirit let this Being Drift into Zones of Destruction out of Lack of Power?

11. Can the Surveyor Loose Contact with the Being he Has Been Supervising, or Is He in Permanent Communication?

12. Can the Human Being Do without a Surveyor?

11. Why is the Action of Spirits on our Life so Invisible? When they Protect us, why not Do it in an Obvious Visible Way?

14. When a Surveyor has led his Protected-one on the Right Path, does he Draw some Benefit from this for himself?

15. When a Surveyor Sees his Protected-one Follow the Wrong Path in spite of his Advice, does he Feel Bad about it and is this a Source of Trouble in his Bliss?

16. Can we always Know the Name of our Protecting Spirit or Guardian Angel?

17. When Surveyors Take Famous Names, are they really always those of the People who once Wore these Names?

18. When we are in the Subtle Life, will we be able to Recognise our Surveyors?

19. Do all Surveyors belong to the Class of the Higher Spirits? Can Certain Surveyors belong to a Middle Class of Spirits? For instance, can a Father Become a Surveyor for his own Child?

20 Can Spirits who have left Earth in Good Conditions always Protect the People they Love who are still Alive?

21. Do Men in a Wild Life have the same Kinds of Surveyors as very Advanced Men?

22. When the Father who was Supervising his Child Incarnates again, Can he still Watch over this Child?

23. Are there Bad Spirits who Cling to an Individual to Guide him towards Destruction?

24. Can an Individual be Protected by Several Surveyors?

25. Do Surveyors Act according to a Precise Mission?

26. What is the Difference between Familiar Spirits and Surveyors?

27. What about People who Say they are other People's Guides, on a Good or Bad Path?

28. Can a Surveyor Incarnate in order to Watch over a Person more closely?

29. Can certain Surveyors Cling to a Specific Family?

30 If a Surveyor is Attracted to an Individual out of Sympathy, can he Become Attracted to a Group of Individuals in the same Way?

31. Are there Surveyors who specifically Supervise Communities of Individuals such as: Societies, Towns and Nations?

32. Are the Spirits who Watch upon Masses of People of a Higher Nature than those who Link up to Individuals?

33. Can certain Spirits be Helpful in the Progression of Arts, by Protecting the People Involved in these Arts?

34. Is Premonition always a Warning from a Surveyor?

35. Feelings and the Voice of Instinct are always Imprecise. What Can We Do when in Uncertainty?

36. Must an Individual always Respect Advice coming from her or his Surveyor in Daily Life?


1. What Is Transferisation?
- A Tube of Transfer to Enter an Interdimensional Lock-chamber
- Achieving a Signature of Synthesis until One's Imperious System
- Cohesion between Internal, External and Imperious Unitary Numerations
- Penetration of the Circuit of Light into Compact Zones.

2. How Can one Build a Vessel of Transfer?

3. What are the Elements that are to be Processed in order to Meet a Dimension Allowing to Enter a System of Interdimensional Transfer?

4. Which Way is the Best for Human Beings to Collect their Figures and Re-process them into a Configuration Enabling them to Become completely Unified in the System of Transfer?
- The Management of Normalisations of Imperious Figure
- Space-time Portions Attuned to Interdimensional Transfer
- Creating a Configuration of Sumerian Insertion.


1. How Can We Conceive God?

2. Why is God both so Near Inside and so Distant Above?

3. What Is the Importance of Prayer?
- Additional Element to a Situation of Disconnection in a Process of Re-integration
- Immediate Permanent Communion with the very Essence of all Figures.

4. What about Dogmas Advising People to Seek Nirvana through the Extinction of Desire?
- Re-insertion of Signatures of External and Inferior Numeration into the Internal Unitary Axis
- Creating the Body of the Unity of Synthesis
- Reaching the Plane of Immortal Unitary Synthesis.

5. How can one Awaken a Path inside for the Re-welding one's Life on more Unified Antennas?

6. Is the Inner Conviction of God's Existence Acquired through Education?

7. Who is God?

8. What Is to Be Understood by "Infinity"?

9. Is God Infinity?

10. What about this Inner Intuitive Personal Conviction of the Existence of God?

11. How can the Existence of God be Proven?

12. Is God an Autonomous Independent Consciousness or is He the Result of all that has been Created?

13. Can a Human Being Perceive the Intimate Nature of God and His Mystery?

14. Are we Parts of the Divinity?

15. Can we Gain Access to some Part of Divine Perfection

16. Can we Encompass the whole Reality of God when Defining it as Eternal, Infinite, Immutable, Immaterial, Unique, Almighty, Absolutely Just and Good?

17. Can we Say that God is Infinite, Knowing that the Vacuum or Void is nowhere and God is everywhere, and that everything that Exists has a Good Reason for Existing?

18. Does the Soul before Incarnation Know the Divine Law?

19. Are Spirits Obliged to Bring Teachings to us?

20 What Can Be the most Perfect Guide or Model for us to Reach God?

21. Have Jesus and others before him already Brought the Laws of God?

22. Can the Human Being Know the Law of God?

23. Do certain Individuals Receive the Mission of Revealing God?

24. Did it Happen that Certain People have Led others Astray with a Wrong Conception of God's Principles and Laws, under the Pretext of a Revelation?

25. Is it Possible to Specify what a True Prophet Is?


1. How can we Understand Immortality?
- Consciousness of the System of Internal Transfer and Immortality
- Motors of Life and Motors of Sumerian Essence
- Niches of Numeration, B4. Body, Mountain of Energy and Extreme Body
- Destroying one's own Destruction System to Leave Mortality
- Communion with the Immortal Spirit
- The Treatment of Beams of Power; Advancing towards the Unitary Signals
- Functionality of the System of Life and Substance for the Transmutation of Matter
- Sumerian Codification through the Transmutation of Systems of Power
- Materialisation of the System of Imperious Numeration; Precise Demarcation on the Exterior Level
- Shunt of Unitary Numeration
- Yang Structural Frame, and the Transmutation of Yin Energy
- Contracts of Synchronisation
- Eliminating the Imperious Systems Unlikely to be Unified
- Knowing how to Choose that which can be Integrated in order to be Chosen by Unitary Dimensions
- Junction with the Circulation of Energy Coming from Higher Planes
- Presence of the System of Unitary Numeration until in Zones of Power
- Changes of Numeration
- Consciousness-Energy Ratio between Numerator and Denominator
- Miniaturisation
- Junction of the System of Power with the System of Transfer
- Contracts of Numeration
- Being Aware of one's Identity again to Leave Inferior Compression
- Pentacosta: Emerging more than fifty per cent of Oneself above the Borderline to Trigger an Intervention from Higher Levels
- Master of Synthesis: Synthesis of the Unity above and below.

2. Is it Possible, for a Being Incarnated in a Woman's Body, to Sign her Figure of Unitary Synthesis with no other Intervention?
- Exterior Drift and Inferior Hooking Connected to Womanhood
- Awakening after Contact with a Signature of Unitary Energy
- Very thin Line of Spiritual Connection in the Regroupings of Mass Religions
- Rising again towards a Dimension of Unitary Synthesis
- Time-timeless Relaying Links
- The Distribution of Powers and the Signature of Synthesis
- Danger in the Making of a Non-numerable Enframing of Power
- The Integration and Transmutation of a Robotic Equipment into a Consciousness-Energy-Form Ratio
- Transforming Money and Matter into Energy and Consciousness.


1. How Can we Create Conditions for Transubstantiation?
- Creating a Body of Energy around the Formal Body
- Treating with the Subtle Systems Surrounding the Formal Body.

2. What Kind of Hierarchies Intervene in Transubstantiation?
- Choosing Subtilisation rather than Materialisation
- Becoming Attuned to the Planes of Light
- Autonomy of the System of External Emergence
- Building an Organised Subtle Vehicle
- Accustoming your Consciousness to Living Outside of the Body
- Code of Transfer of the Energy Vehicle.

3. How Can We Become Allied with Superior Hierarchies to successfully Achieve Transubstantiation?

4. Is Transubstantiation Related to a specific Energy Condition of the Physical Body, or are other Interventions Needed?

5. Did the Gravity of this World Provoke the Current Amplification of our Concrete Mind?
- Condensing the Energetic Body to Treat Material Bodies
- Risk of Deterioration of the Energetic Body in excessively Low Zones
- Surpassing the Inferior Limit
- Condition for a Numeration Shift.


1. How and why Can a Creature and Consciousness Become Individualised out of the Timeless Unitary Field?

2. Why are Bodies Fabricated on Planets, and why not in Outer Space?

3. Why Are certain Bodies Incarnated in a Formal System?
- Formal Cord, Control with Inferior Worlds of Power
- Constricting oneself into a Time Line for Contact with the Intra-universe
- Intervention of Bodies of Insertion connected to Unity.

4. Where does this Fall from the Unitary Field originally Come from?

5. How is the State of Consciousness in the Unitary Field? Is the Existence of Individual Consciousnesses separated from other Consciousnesses Possible?
- Total Harmony of the Unitary Field
- Treat all of the Figures you Happen to Be Linked to.

6. Who Directs the Management of the Unitary Field? Is there a Consciousness superior to all other Consciousnesses in the Unitary Field?

7. How is the Place of Birth of an Entity Specified?
- Choosing the Impact Place in relation with Mastery over Exteriorisation and Inferiorisation
- Planets and Types of Creatures in relation with Weight and Measure.

8. Who Decides the Moment when one Must Leave the Intra-universe?

9. What is the Best Use We Can Make of our Body in the State of Incarnation?
- Inner Force of Re-insertion
- Space-time Vision of one's Incarnation
- Connecting to Unity and Allowing Exteriorised beings to be Connected also
- The Transmutation of Beings Trapped below the Formal Plane.

10. But who Decides on Exteriorisation?
- Attraction Park and Exercise Field
- Intervention of the Schools of Internal Energy.

11. After Having Left the Physical Body, how Is it possible to Concentrate in order to Find the Unitary Field again ?

12. What Type of Existence and Consciousness Have the Beings Dwelling in the Networks of the Unity of Synthesis ?

13. What Is the Difference between this State and the State of God ?


1. Are we Free to Choose our Incarnation?
- Operation of Deteriorisation
- Notion of Freedom in Incarnation.

2. How Come certain People Have Great Powers, while others Have Nothing at all?
- Re-unification on a Unique Signal of Imperious Numeration
- Danger in Operations of Power Performed Before a Large Audience.

3. Is it Necessary to Mingle Races ? Or Should they Remain Distinct on this Planet?

4. Is Evolution easier in a Body Made of one Race, with regard to a Body Built out of a Mixture of Races?

5. Are there Incarnations in Animal, Vegetable or Mineral Kingdoms?

6. Do we Automatically Progress from one Incarnation to the next one?

7. What are the Elements Allowing a Being to Reach Awareness of its Incarnations? Why is this Revealed to certain Beings in Specific Moments?
- Energy Shocks
- Counterbalance between Systems of Power
- Murder and Death Sentence.

8. Does there Exist Beings whose Contract is Higher than others'?

9. Who Are the Beings Have this Type of Feature?
- Contracts of Numeration
- Integration of a Being's Code of Numeration.

10. On which Basis can one Decide if an Incarnation is Positive or Negative?


1. Why do Figures of Death Elaborate Systems against the Unity on the Plane of Forms?
- Movements of Power related to the Intervention of the Body of the Unity
- Creating Conditions to Collect Bodies of Power.

2. When a Beam of Numeration is signed on a Being and this Body begins to Release it's Figures in order to Be Connected to this Beam of Numeration, Is there a Father of Imperious Numeration that is Triggered off in the very Moment this Beam Has Been set up?

3. Why Did certain Beings Create very Significant Organisation Charts such as Music Instruments with a Large Number of Keys, Several Strings, and very Extended Fields, as seen from an energetic and vibral Point of View?

4. Is it Necessary to Seek Powers of Transmutation over Matter in order to Finish one's Work of Mastery?

5. What is the Role of a Circuit of External Emergence when a Transformation of the Imperious Systems is Taking Place?

6. What is the Role of Powers that Flow into a System and Create Conditions of Change for this Body?

7. Why Do certain Animals Kill others to Feed themselves?

8. Are there Elements that Need to be more specifically Numbered when one Is on an Imperious Board?

9. Why do Powers in Action on this Plane Scatter their Energies on Various Figures, and why, Among those who Receive this Type of Power, are there Beings who successfully Achieve the Transfer while Others Do not?

10. Can we Speak of Planet Yingara?

11. Does Jet Noise Create Destruction in the Ether and in the Higher Part of Atmosphere?

12. Is there a Special Mission to be Accomplished if we Obtain very Significant Means?

13. Then how Should we Reconnect these Powers?


1. Where does Hatred Come from?
- Hatred, Contempt and Commiseration
- Hatred from Systems that Were Downfallen through the Elevation of Other Systems.

2. Are there Individuals whose Contract of Power is not Connected to Hatred?

3. Do they also Have a Heavy Contract in spite of all?

4. When the Transmission of a Message is Necessary, is it Possible to Do it without Appearing on a Wide Field of Light?

5. How Can People Protect Themselves From Operations of Black Magic Done Against Them?
- ATRÁSfire Shock
- Thwarting Hostile Powers with the Help of the Or-7.

6. Where does the Energy of the Or-7. come from?

7. Knowing that it is Necessary to Gather External Numerations around a Being to Pull up Powers from below again - as with the Creation of a Group - then why are certain Organisations Created to Fight against these Groups?
Heterogeneous Mixtures of Incomplete Powers Executed by the Transmutations performed by these Groups - The Descent of Systems of Power.


1. Does the Incarnation Process Happen at Random, or is it Ruled by Specific Laws?

2. Will the Consciousness Residing in this Constituted Body Be Able later to Live in another Body for another Operation?

3. In those Conditions, is it Necessary to Set Up an Internal Codification for this Process to Take Place?

4. What are the "Lords of the Karma"?

5. Can we Consider that the Consciousness Residing in a Body Disappears when this Body Has Finished it's Function as far as the System of Power is Concerned?
- Intervention or Non-intervention of Consciousness during the Incarnation
- Repatriation of Configurations and Execution of the System of Insertion
- Re-integration into the Internal Unity
- Controlling Figure Attuned without a Formal Body
- Developing Intervention Abilities of a superior Kind.

6. Is the Vehicle of Immortality Built from those Processes?

7. Why is it Interesting to Have this Aspect of an Associated Power?

8. As it is Said that the most Specialised Circuits are Sent to the most Difficult Zones, why Is It Interesting to Have a System of Immortality?
- Intervention of a Higher System of Power in an Incarnated Consciousness
- Alliance between two Systems of Consciousness-Power.

9. Can we consider that there is a kind of possible choice involved in the system of incarnation and manifestation, from the moment one not longer is a virgin soul but a relatively experimented one, with a certain capital of power of intervention?

10. But Where Do these Dimensions of Consciousness Come from?

11. Is there a certain Required Rhythm for this Type of Operation?

12. What Is It that Is Called "Envy", to Give it a Name?

13. What about those who completely Mess around their Operation of Incarnation, Causing unfathomable Ruin and Destruction?

14. What Is the Use of Large Religious Systems that Have Been Created?

15. From which Moment Can we Know that we have Attained Complete Mastery over the Programme of Power to which we Were Linked?

16. What about the Religions or Philosophical Systems Recommending Detachment?

17. Can we Consider that we Can Prepare our Future Incarnations?

18. What Is Best: to Die when we Are Young or when we Are Old ?


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